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The Chinese Conception Calendar


Getting pregnant is one of the most joyous times of a woman’s life especially if the pregnancy was planned. One of the biggest questions expectant parents have is what type of baby will they have; will they be having a boy or girl. Many couples opt for an ultrasound to find out the gender while others wait until delivery.

There are others who enjoy guessing by using various myths and folklore. One popular method is the use of the Chinese Conception Calendar, also known as the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar.

The Calendar

The Calendar is based on the Lunar Year instead of the traditional year. As the name indicates, the calendar uses the phases of the moon. One lunar year is eleven (11) days shorter than a solar or calendar year.

How to Use the Calendar

Despite looking confusing, the calendar is really easy to use. All that is needed is to know the month in which you became pregnant. Once you know that, you look for the mother’s age on the calendar and look under the month of conception. If there is an “F” under that month you will be having a girl. If it’s an “M” you will be having a boy.

History of the Calendar

Tradition has it that the Chinese Conception Calendar was found in a Royal Tomb in or around Peking, China. The precise time of the Calendar’s development is not known, and some reports put it at 700 years old.

Although not scientifically proven many persons swear by its accuracy in predicting the gender of their babies. However, today, many persons use it solely for entertainment. Some are simply curious to see whether or not it corresponds with their ultrasound or the sex of the baby they deliver. Why not try it and see for yourself.

A copy of the ancient Chinese Calendar is now on display at the Beijing Institute of Science.

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