Saturday, February 27, 2021

The Face in Oriental Medicine


What if human is perfect like God? However, unfortunately, it isn’t. Everyone has one’s own defects and must face the definite course of fate: old, sick and dead. The defects in health, are from physical constitution and genetic factors. Therefore, when curing disease and keeping healthy body, one should fully understand one’s physical constitution and prenatal weak points.

A 52 year-old woman came to see a doctor of oriental medicine. Then, she was taking medicine from western medicine, and she said it was diagnosed as asthma. However, for several months, her health didn’t seem to be improved as expected. Other than coughing and asthma, she was suffering the pain in the shoulder and getting cold without any specific reasons, and recently sweating is severe than ever.

In this case, outward appearance of the patient should be taken into consideration. What was seen first is that her skin was very clean and shoulder was headed a little upward and, most noticeably, she often was quivering her nose. Quivering of nose means that her bronchial tube or lung is innately weak. According to some medical books of oriental medicine, quivering is caused by lung’s disorder. Moreover, the books also said that when something evil is spread in the lung,

  • (1) body temperature turns ups and downs;
  • (2) asthma occurs,
  • (3) lots of sweating,
  • (4) frequently moves shoulder and back.

In oriental medicine, the face is regarded to be connected to internal organs. Therefore, the woman’s disease, asthma, can be treated by toughening the lung.

Wang Wei
Wang Wei is a holistic health practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

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