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The Heart Chakra


Those who don’t believe in God aren’t paying attention. I stand by this statement with the full realization that there have been many famous and talented people throughout the course of history that did not believe in God and many in the future that will not as well.

Macrobiotic practice and living is characterized as “living in harmony with The Order of The Universe.”

This implies that there is an orderly harmonious pattern and rhythm to the whole cosmos. The evidence for this orderliness is everywhere on earth, in the heavens, and in the functioning of the human organism. This implies to me that there is a conscious design and intent behind and within this orderliness. In other words, the fact that the world, life, the human organism and the heavens reveal a remarkable order and pattern which is harmonious in every detail tells me that this is not random or accidental.

Life, Nature, Humanity and Cosmos is a magnificent work of art and science. It is difficult to deny the evidence of our senses and feelings when we practice macrobiotics, even for a short period of time. When we participate on a daily basis, as we do in macrobiotic living through our cooking and eating with the rhythm of the earth as manifested in the seasons, our body responds to this harmonious eating pattern in a manner which elicits profound positive changes physically, emotionally and mentally. I have personally experienced these changes.

After ten plus years of macrobiotic practice with all the trimmings, the question of “What is the Order of the Universe?” came to me. About the same time I read a book by Jerome Canty, active then in macrobiotic teaching, called “Sounding the Sacred Conch” (he also wrote “Healing Naturally” with Richard France) in which he is meditating on the logarithmic spiral and defines logarithm as the ‘rhythm of the logos’. This hit me like a bolt of lightning, as the Greek word logos means ‘word’.

In the Prologue to The Gospel of St. John, it says: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him and without him was not anything made that was made.” I’ll make the point here that the Bible is written by people who were spiritual initiates. The meaning of this is that these men and women had so worked on their spiritual development that they were able to see into the spiritual worlds. One of the phenomena of the spiritual worlds is the Akashic Chronicles or “occult script”. Briefly described, the Akashic Chronicles are the recorded spiritual description of everything that has happened, is happening, and WILL happen in the physical world (there is no time, as we experience it, in the spiritual worlds). This means, among other implications, that the Bible has to be literally taken very seriously, while keeping in mind that it cannot be read with our normal, everyday habits of thought if we hope to gain any insight from what is written there.

My interpretation of the above lines means that the Order of The Universe is the rhythm of the Logos (the Word), which is also called Christ. That is, the Order of The Universe IS Christ. In 1945 a bunch of scrolls, now called the Nag Hammadi Library, were found by an Egyptian shepherd deep in a cave in Egypt. The Nag Hammadi are a collection of writings of the Gnostics hidden when the Gnostics were pronounced as heretics by the Christian Church in the first two or three years following the Crucifixion. Among the extensive collection of writings in The Hag Hammadi Library is the Gospel of St. Thomas. The Gospel of St. Thomas recounts Christ as saying, “Split open a piece of wood, and I am there; lift up a rock and I am there”. This signifies to me that Christ is indicating He is a living presence within the very heart of Nature, both in the vegetation (‘wood’) and the soil (‘under a rock’).

I now direct your attention to Rudolf Steiner’s accounts of Christ, focusing on the sublimely wonderful, pivotal Point of Time in the entire history of the Creation having to do with the Earth and Humanity known as the Crucifixion. Rudolf Steiner (who was a spiritual initiate and therefore able to investigate/read the Akashic Chronicle) describes how if the earth were viewed with spiritual vision from a vantage point above the earth prior to the Crucifixion, then one would have perceived the earth as a spiritual darkness, an empty place lacking any spiritual life, a void in the deep.

During The Crucifixion Of Christ, He was nailed to a cross along side two thieves in a similar situation. It was the policy of the Roman authorities that if a criminal was sentenced to die by crucifixion, and it was deemed that the crime had some mitigating factor, then the crucifixion was terminated by a ‘coup de grace’ after a short period of time on the cross, rather than the criminal being simply left to die on the cross, thus having to have a prolonged, drawn-out, agonizing death, which would be the case in the judgment of a particular heinous criminal and/or crime.

The duty of carrying out the ‘coup de grace’ was done by a detail of Roman soldiers under the direction of a Centurion. On the day that Christ was crucified and it being the decision of the Roman authorities that He be given the ‘coup de grace’, the Centurion in charge of the detail was a man named Longinus.

When the detail arrived at the cross to which Christ was nailed, Longinus decided he was going to be the one to administer the blow to put an end to the sufferings of Christ. However, Longinus was partially blind and he administered the thrusting of the spear into the side from the left side of Christ, rather than His right side. This meant the thrust of the spear missed Christ’s heart, thus fulfilling an Old Testament prophecy. The piercing of Christ’s side necessarily meant that His blood was coming from the wound. Steiner describes this in terms of spiritual vision looking at the earth at the time of the Crucifixion. One perceives from this vantage point above the ‘black spiritual void’ where the earth is located in the spiritual ‘landscape’ that the instant Christ’s blood touches the ground the earth immediately begins to radiate spiritual light from its entire circumference into the farther reaches of the spiritual cosmos. From that point on, literally speaking, the physical earth is now the physical body of Christ.

To further elucidate, I now take a look at the Last Supper. Here Christ is with the disciples at the Feast of Passover. He takes bread, blesses it, breaks it up into pieces given to the disciples, saying as He does: “Take, eat, this is my body”. And he takes a cup of wine and after giving thanks and offering it to the disciples, He says: “This is the blood of the new testament, which is shed for many.”

Looking at this event macrobiotically is extraordinarily significant in that bread – the product of whole grains – is used, as well as wine. Interpreting this from the perspective of macrobiotic theory means that Christ recognizes that whole grains is the proper food for humanity (reinforcing what is said in Genesis, Chapter 1, verse 29.) and he also says “Do this in remembrance of Me”. That is, whenever we eat cooked whole grains we ought to remember Him. I suggest that in so doing we immeasurably reinforce the body’s harmonious response to the eating of whole grains as our staple food. Now, today in macrobiotic theory, we obviously do not recommend people drink wine at every meal. The reason why Christ gave wine is because wine at that time had the desirable effect of bringing people who drank it into a stronger relationship with the earth. Now, of course, we need the opposite, since humanity as a whole today is strongly materialistic and wine (and alcoholic beverages in general) acts, therefore, as a hindrance to our spiritual development.

Nevertheless, if we look at wine symbolically we can say that is represents the sap of the vegetable; that it symbolically represents the vegetable kingdom. This is very significant in the light of macrobiotic theory. Although most people in macrobiotic teaching apparently don’t teach it, the crux of macrobiotic eating has to do with the process of digestion being the transformation/transmutation of food into blood. In this, one of the most significant processes is the transmutation of the chlorophyll found in plant food into iron used to create hemoglobin. (I go into this in great detail in my book “The End of Medicine”, 510.559.8057). This whole process thus resounds magnificently in Christ’s words “This is my blood”, since the earth is His body, whole grains the product of His body and therefore eating whole grains is eating His body and eating vegetables is creating the blood which is the bearer of the Christ Impulse in the human organism. Not surprisingly, this may make people uncomfortable, but at the same time it is necessary for us to understand this if we are to truly heal. Living in accord with “the Order of the Universe” is “living in accord with Christ”, Who is the Word, Who is with God, Who is God.

And, the story doesn’t end there. Christ has been, since the Crucifixion, acting from within the Earth and Humanity and is the main and central impulse in this ongoing evolution. A great deal can be said about what I call the “ongoing Deed of Christ” and what I will focus on next is the question “Why did Christ do this?” To be continued.

Sophie Jones
Sophie Jones leads detox and weight loss retreats around the world from Bali to Costa Rica and many more places in between. Join her on her quest to help her clients lose weight, fully detoxify and begin a new healthy lifestyle.

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