Friday, January 15, 2021

How The Planetary Shift Will Manifest


The dimensional shift is very much like two people reading the same sentence, seeing the same symbols but perceiving a completely different meaning. In the perception of large numbers of beings there will be no shift, they will see nothing, they will perceive nothing, they will feel nothing. What will actually happen is, they will stay in their dimension and others will move into another, you will be on another planet Earth, existing at a slightly different phase sequence for the original planet Earth. The beings who shift will be more real to each other that the beings who do not shift, who will be shadows. Their influence in other words over the events and structure of  your dimensional Earth will be minor, whereas you influence and the influence of you colleagues will be greater.

You may have noticed the feeling of being more and more separated or apart from people who don’t seem to be where you are

coming from, this is part of that. As it gets more extreme there will come a point where you almost seem to be dealing with people who are only partially there. It is almost a ghost image, you will appear to others in the same way, not quite substantial, but they won’t know what is happening, they will only think that their eyes are playing tricks on them. That will be the most common phrase. There will be those who will not acknowledge it, they will simply blank out.

That is the way in which those who have shifted dimensional reality will deal with the Earth Changes. The physical matter disrupted on one planetary dimension will pass through and not effect the other dimension. It will still happen on the other dimension but it will have no effect, just as an earthquake that happens far off shore does not have the same effect of and earthquake happening land. You will get a small shake in your vibration, your plane, and since your plane of vibration incorporates everything that you deal with,  it will seem that your area is unaffected.

So it is not really that we are taking the planet through to another dimension, and those who don’t want to come along need to be helped or they shall die, it is not quite that simple. Once again, phraseology has been interpreted by the beings bringing through the information in the only way in which they know, and what they know is so incredibly limited. They want to simplify things so much, and it is necessary to simplify  but  not simplify  to the point where the information is inaccurate.

It is a concept difficult to understand unless you recognize how time, dimension and frequency of vibration work, and recognize the side by side nature of realities, the ribbon nature of things as opposed to the linear nature of things. They persist in seeing this dimensional transformation as linear, seeing it as going 1,2,3,4,5, through a series of doorways, from point A to point B. They don’t realize the A,B,C,D, are all existing at the same time in the same space.

Some of you will experience what it is to be in a slightly shifted off dimension, where others will regard you as being a bit spacey, you are not spacey you are fine in the dimension where you are. You just cannot relate, you cannot communicate in the normal language, you cannot relate to mechanical devices – you know what has to be done but something was just off, like missing the buttons –  only one who is capable of shifting with you can perceive as you do.  In time there will be places where you cannot balance between the two, there will be no shifting back and forth, you will not want to, you will get sick and feel dizzy. You actually get dizzy as you pass from one frequency to the other.


  1. Julia

    Each year, teacher and editor of Spellcraft magazine Doctor (Hon) She D’Montford leads a three-day Spring Equinox Celebration on Australia’s east coast during the month of September, providing an opportunity for men and women to engage in ancient rituals.

    According Dr D’Montford, many men adore the Goddess, while women worship the God. The equinox celebration features male and female empowerment rituals of male Sufi Dancing and warrior codes; female Zarr and Dionysian rituals; and the unifying Freyafaxi and Tantra rituals. These allow the weaving of a stronger more balanced world in which we are permitted to be lush, sensuous and in control.

    If you have ever wondered what has become of the men’s spirituality movement, Dr D’Montford assures us that “the Goddess supports it”.

    “Ancient belief-systems celebrated the differences between male and female spirituality,” Dr D’Montford said.

    “Honouring these differences supercharges and empowers each gender. After empowerment neither gender can play the victim; rather these processes reveal the strength and divinity in each individual.

    “The fabric of existence is created on a loom. Matriarchy and patriarchy rents this cloth and disempowers all. Harmonious balance between the male and female divine allows us to live with grace, power and truth, blaming none and creating the life we want. The Spring Equinox Celebration Weekend restores this knowledge and power to individual participants.”

  2. Danni

    Have you heard about this?

    A nocturnal performer David enjoys making visits to haunted places in the hope of meeting another ‘blast from the past’ to connect with them, and scare the daylights out of viewers who tune into both the UK TV channel and Foxtel for a ‘fright night.’

    Delving into paranormal investigations may come easily to this affable man with the warm-hearted grin and gentle expression but his journey into the unpredictable world of psychic development was not evident until he fell seriously ill.

    Born in Kelloholm in Scotland, David portrays his early years as that of growing up in an ordinary family. His mother worked in a knitwear factory and his father was a coal miner.“I joined the Royal Navy at 16, left when I was 24 and began a career in catering within hotels and leisure clubs,” says David. Making the decision to switch direction in 1991 and go back to college as a mature student led David on an entirely different path.“That is when it becomes interesting,” he says.“I wanted to study leisure as a career and to fund this I was working 40 hours a week as a chef and a waiter in a small hotel in the south of England.”All work and no play led to a stay in hospital. David had pneumonia.“Whilst on a Christmas holiday in Scotland in 1992 I found myself in hospital, unconscious with some very worried family around me. On the second night in hospital I found myself in the corridor being told to go back to bed by an old lady.“I did as she asked only to find I was already there!”David, believing he had been dreaming, promptly forgot the incident.“I was released a few days later when improvements to my health were great enough.”It was his return to home and convalescence that saw David start to recognise changes in his life.“I started to experience odd happenings in my home, so odd that I found it impossible to sleep and was looking not so fresh!”

    The kindly interference by a friend led to David seeking the help of a woman who ‘knew about these things.’“This remarkable woman was to be my teacher, mentor and friend through an extraordinary journey that was to unfold over the next 10 years,” says David. David’s shift into psychic awareness gave him the thirst for more knowledge and experience within his new world, including learning all he could about astrology and the readings of the tarot. His newly acquired skills soon led him to a platform of recognition and following a guest appearance as a medium on Most Haunted, David was invited to join the team full time in 2004. David, who is internationally renown for his teachings and subjective approach to all things on a spiritual and psychic level, has now turned his attention to antipodean shores and is spending two weeks in Australia from September 4 – 14. Perth in Western Australia is first on the agenda for David where he will spend a week conducting much-awaited workshops. During these demonstrations, David will unravel the secrets of astrology, tarot, and past lives, talk about his occult and psychic experiences, including ghosts, spirit guides, and psychic development. David is also keen to show his audiences how to access their past lives with special visualisations and to discover what past lives reveal and what effect they have on every day lives.

Harvey Miller
Many things matter in your life, but only one thing matters absolutely. It matters whether you succeed or fail. It matters whether you are healthy or unhealthy. It matters whether you are educated or uneducated. It matters whether you are wealthy or poor. Indeed, all these things matter, but they don't matter absolutely. There is something that matters more than any of those things and that is finding the essence of who you are beyond your mind-made self.

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