Saturday, October 24, 2020

The Power of Soul Cleanse | Winter Solstice Edition


Soul Cleanse, The Yoga Emporium

Julian of Sound Alchemy, Dan (missing Adeline) from The Juicist, me – Lacey, Phoebe, Amanda from Yoga Alchemy and Viola & Alicia of AURA.

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This story begins with the last photo of the day. So often with big ass events the behind-the-scenes posse don’t even get to hang out as a team until the curtains have closed. And so was the case with the biggest event I have hosted to date. Soul Cleanse was a massive success. Not just because we had a full house and everything ran smoothly, but because everyone there was part of the same braid. It was a space teeming with positivity, acceptance and a whole lot of spirit. I am beyond grateful to my extraordinary team of Soul Cleansing warriors for their passion and dedication. This event laid the foundation for a Soul Cleanse revolution. Stay tuned for a tour schedule! I’m totally serious. 

To all present, to all involved – you’re effing awesome. -Lacey x

Our alter, filled with intentions and sacred objects.

I’d say that scheduling Soul Cleanse at the winter solstice was by design but that would be a total lie. Nevertheless, the universe works in mysterious ways and it was just so perfect that these two events aligned. Our day really took shape around stepping into the light and celebrating what the Romans referred to as The Birthday of The Unconquered Sun. With the shortest day of the year behind us, Soul Cleanse was about seeing the light and feeling it shine from within. BOOYAH. 

“The amount of energy and time put in to designing the juices was SO appreciated and they all tasted ahhhh-mazing!!!! The sequence of juices flowed with the activities throughout the day perfectly. Easily the best juices I have ever been lucky enough to try!” -Lauren 

The Juicist are my new life heroes. I’ve developed a love for Dan and Adeline and their soul-fuelled business and all I want to do is sing it from the mountain tops. Their dedication to a holistic and healthy life was so apparent with the menu they created for this special day. Dan and I talked all about the flow of the day, the energy of each class and what we wanted the students to experience. The juices were each created to do something special – build heat, boost energy, cool and nurture – it was extraordinary. All of the students were so thrilled. As was I because I took home a few extras. Muahaha. 

Everyone, including me, loved Phoebe Jone’s heat building flow. With music, humour and a desire to get some shit moving, Pheebs took everyone on the first yoga journey of the day. It was warm, it was spirited and it was the perfect kick-off. There were a few grunts, a few laughs and a lot of lengthened muscles. 

Homegirl Amanda Noga took on the second round of movement with a reflective flow that simmered into some Yin insight. It was the perfect way to balance things out before we ventured into an hour of silence and alone time. The room was calmed and the vibe was totally introspective. Amanda did her job well. 
Sophie Jones
Sophie Jones leads detox and weight loss retreats around the world from Bali to Costa Rica and many more places in between. Join her on her quest to help her clients lose weight, fully detoxify and begin a new healthy lifestyle.

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