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The Relationship Between Food and Sex


Ah…food and sex. Probably most everybody’s two favorite topics. It is interesting to note that both food and sex are a duo of activities that both allow the participant to indulge in the use of all five senses. This indeed, is a keen yet tender observation.

Warning, if you are not up for a fun and informative article that discusses sex in sometimes rather frank language, please do not read further. Then again, if you watch shows on cable TV, then nothing here mentioned should be too unsettling to you.

To get the full scoop on this topic I conducted a little survey of my own. I asked certain non-macro folk the following three questions just to get an idea of what the general public thinks about the relationship between food and sex.

What foods do you think enhance or set the mood and why?

  • Mango: relaxing, soft texture.
  • Lobster, crème brulee: sensual texture.
  • Dessert, finger food: can feed it to someone.
  • Lobster, beer: induces feeling of being “horny.”

Any particular vittles you avoid pre-coitus and why?

  • Beef and pork: dates a macro chick.
  • Ice cream: heavy feeling.
  • Garlic, onions, pepperoni: pungent.
  • Mexican: gassy and fecal inducing qualities.

Do you think there is a connection between diet and sexual appetite/stamina?

Yes, definitely, and absolutely were the responses given by all participants.

Now let’s get to the meat – or shall I say seitan of this composition. There is an undeniably strong relationship between the two. We can ignore it, but it will always be there. A tasty bonus associated with this relationship is that if one eats better, they have the potential for better sex. This alone is a good reason to eat balanced, macrobiotic food. After all, a fulfilling voyage of coitus begins in the kitchen.

I like to make my business of telling individuals that the best reason to eat well is for sex. This is an excellent selling point when it comes to getting individuals to eat better quality foods. In America and abroad, sex sells. The world revolves around sex, and food for that matter. None of us would be here if the planet was sans sex.

Actually, as far as I’m concerned food is the new sex. The nation seems to be romanced by all types of food and it shows. Over 2/3 of Americans are either overweight or obese. I doubt many of these portly folk are indulging in superior sex. Overall, a great way to help people eat better is to tell them it will positively impact their sex lives.

If people eat better, they will most likely feel better and look better. Being overweight is not just a glamour issue; it is a serious health issue. Having a healthy and vital heart is equal to having a healthy and vital crotch. It is all related, as everything is connected.

In addition to eating well, one should exercise or partake in some type of physical activity. Being physically fit and food fit is essential for sex. Individuals who exercise regularly reportedly have more fulfilling sex lives. So get moving and go screwing!

A final reason worth mentioning is that eating better will aid in frequent defecation. Chances are if one eats poor quality food, it will be hard to use the toilet. I don’t know anybody who likes to partake in intercourse with a stuffed colon.


To further explore the connection between food and sex, we must chat about the difference between men and women. In terms of yin and yang, women are yin with upward energy and men are yang with downward energy. Sex between a man and a woman is an example of the unification of opposites.

Due to these differences, the sexes must eat accordingly to their predisposed energies. Women should eat to maintain a slight yin condition (feminine, slightly acidic), and men should eat to maintain a slightly yang condition (masculine, slightly alkaline).

The modern poor quality food that many of us consume upsets this natural balance. Women get too contracted from excess yang such as beef and chicken and men get too expansive from excess yin such as soda pop and ice cream. If I were asked to name five really masculine men, it would take me a little while. Nowadays, it is almost accepted for men to be yin. It seems as though masculinity is totally out of style. Hopefully, this trend won’t last too long and chest hair will be in fashion again.

Besides being outwardly too yin or yang, issues can arise in the bedroom as well. When a woman consumes too much poor quality yang, this make for what is called “narrow sex.” This means that only a small portion of the vagina is responsive to intercourse. Overall, too much yang can desensitize the genitals. For a man, too much poor quality yang can result in premature ejaculation. We all know what this means so no explanation is needed.

Another interesting topic regarding food and sex is histamines. When not enough histamines are present, it is difficult for a person to have an orgasm. This is true for both men and women. Folic acid, B6, and B12 trigger the production of histamines; so make sure to include foods rich in these.

For both sexes, too much poor quality yin can lower one’s sex drive. Substances like drugs and alcohol wreck havoc on one’s sex drive. People tend to think these substances enhance the mood, but they really don’t. What they do achieve is lowering the users inhibitions, which may make some individuals feel sexier, but not make sex any better.

Drugs, whether prescription or illegal are incredibly yin, more yin than sugar. Prescription anti-depressants have a reputation for causing sexual side effects, as well as a slew of other things that can get in the way of the union of genitals.

Alcohol, can also cause some coitus woes. People seem to think it makes them more sexually potent, but it really doesn’t. For men, too much alcohol can cause one’s erection to take a nosedive, and for the ladies it can be hard to indulge in the experience of an orgasm.

Overall, to stay fit for copulation, one must have a good balance of both good quality yin and quality yang. This can be obtained by the right combination of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fat) and micronutrients, depending on the individual.


These diets are vegetarian and can make for a low sex drive. Too much yin, even of good quality, can produce a low sex drive. These diets include Lacto-ovo vegetarian, raw foods, yogic/ayurvedic, and junk food vegetarian or vegan. All these diets are very yin.

The yogic or ayurvedic diet was originally used to suppress sexuality. It is rich in cow dairy, spices, and tropical fruits. It is tasmatic, eschewing garlic and onions, foods believed to stimulate the genitals and arouse sexuality. When this diet is taken out of its hot, yang Indian environment and brought here, it cannot be done with good results. The diet is way too expansive for our temperate climate.

The lacto-ovo vegetarian diet is also very yin. This diet often contains lots of dairy, refined grains, and sugar. All of the above foods are acidic, very expansive, and not good for the sex drive. This diet can also lead to obesity due to the quality of food being eaten. Even if one eats adequate vegetables and some fruit, this bulk of this diet is just too expansive.

The raw food diet is considered very trendy these days. Well I don’t like it. It’s incredibly yin, not to mention nonsensical. Since the beginning of time, humans have been using salt, pressure, fire, and time to create their food. Eating some raw food such as salads and fruit is great, but when you have no yang to balance it, you run into problems. In addition, eating in this fashion simplifies your digestive system over time to the point that even eating something simple such as brown rice can wreck havoc on your insides. Spooky stuff!

Lastly, is the junk food vegetarian or vegan diet. This diet consists of eating everything except meat for the vegetarian version, and everything except meat, dairy, eggs, and honey for the vegan version. Common food staples are: pizza, potato chips, soda, candy, macaroni and cheese, and all types of packaged fixings.

These diets also feature large amounts of faux meat and faux dairy, usually made from soy. These foods are so yin! Tofu is already slightly yin, so to further process it yinnizes it even more. Not to mention these “foods” taste awful. If you look at the labels of these products, the list is very long. Personally, I’d rather eat grass fed meat than these faux vittles, which is so much more macro.

In Japan, the Zen vegetarian diet of monks is rich in tofu. Tofu is a yin food, and it produces cool energy. It is important to note that Buddhist monks were celibate, and the effects pertain to them much less. Too much tofu can “cool” off one’s crotch.

Since tofu is already yin, it is best to eat it in yang preparations, such as fried with a shoyu dip sauce as opposed to in a dessert sweetened with maple syrup, which is also yin, or worse, soy ice cream. Soy ice cream is yinner than ice cream because soybeans are yinner than dairy. Think about it; milk comes out of nipple and it’s done. A soybean has a long journey before it becomes soymilk or tofu. The best way to consume soy is in its fermented form. Fermented soy includes: natto, tempeh, miso, and tamari. Fermented soy is less yin and more easily digested.

Certain foods contain anti thyroid factors, or goitrogens. The thyroid regulates sexual desire, and when too many goitrogens are present libido can go south. Foods that contain goitrogens include broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, mustard, canola oil, pine nuts, millet, peanuts, cucumbers, turnips, kale, cabbage, kohlrabi, rutabaga, peaches, spinach, strawberries, radishes, and soybeans.

All of these foods have a cool energy so too many of these are not good for the genitals. This is not to say that these foods are bad. All of the above foods are indeed healthy; just eat them with yanger foods in appropriate amounts. In addition, cooking lowers the availability of goitrogens, which are heat sensitive.


Certain foods can alter the scent and flavor of one’s genitals. The foods that perhaps can induce an off odor include: chilies, pungent spices, red meat, dairy, and foods made with artificial dyes and preservatives (such as chemicalized soy sauce, fast food, and basically every packaged food out there unless it’s natural.)

To achieve a fantastically fit crotch, simply eat real whole food and the rest will take care of itself.


Anthropologically speaking, certain vittles tend to resemble the sex organs as well act as performance stimulators. Here is a list of these comestibles and what parts they are thought to look like.

  • Asparagus, bananas: the penis.
  • Peaches: the vagina.
  • Figs, nuts, berries: the scrotum.
  • Chiles: the penis. This is kind of a contradiction, to what is said above regarding scent and sex, but chilies are thought to rev up one’s libido due to the fact that they create a “highness” once consumed. They also stimulate the circulatory system and help awaken the senses.
  • Oysters: the vagina. They are also high in zinc, which is believed to be an aphrodisiac.
  • Almonds: ovaries. Ovaries are not genitals, but almonds are a longtime symbol of fertility, and consuming them is thought to induce passion in women.

In conclusion, here are some fine tips for a thumbs up sex life.

  • Eat for sex. This means consume real, whole food sans additives or preservatives that aren’t extreme yin or extreme yang. If you do want to consume extremes, just make sure to balance it in the other direction and don’t make a habit of it. Harmonize the energies. Low mercury fish is a great source of yang energy and lean protein.
  • Eat less saturated fat. These can clog the arteries and can make for a slug like sex drive. These fats can make for a less sensitive and less moist vagina. Also, they can make your body less flexible over time. Last time I checked, flexibility is a high selling point when scoping out a sex partner.
  • Contractive, or yang food is energizing, thus creating strength. Expansive, or yin food is relaxing; therefore it helps to lower one’s inhibitions. Depending on what mood you wish to create, consume the appropriate mix of vittles.
  • Create your own healthy outlook on sex. Forget what the media says; it is brimming with fecal information. Do what makes you feel erotic.
  • A healthy lifestyle equals healthy sex. A healthy lifestyle includes: proper nutrition, adequate exercise, and a healthy perspective on life in general.
  • Sex is a lifestyle. If you live it and breathe it, you can’t escape it. Live the coitus way. I do not mean in the sense that the media portrays, but in a seamless, gentler sense. From the first cup of kukicha, this is an everyday lesson.
Sophie Jones
Sophie Jones leads detox and weight loss retreats around the world from Bali to Costa Rica and many more places in between. Join her on her quest to help her clients lose weight, fully detoxify and begin a new healthy lifestyle.

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