Saturday, February 27, 2021

The Juicist | Soul Cleanse Series – Part 2



I am pretty pumped to be joining forces with these eco-heartthrobs. Not only is their business based on providing nutrient dense juices to the people of Perth, they’re organic and local to the max. I mean, how can you rock a juice cleanse if it’s not organic, I say?!

Dan and Adeline have this all covered. They’ve created amazing relationships with farmers who understand the importance of treating the land with love and growing food that’s natural in every sense of the word. They’re pressing juice with so much care and love, and let me tell you – you can taste it. Their home delivered juice cleanse is a total flavour, body nourishing dream. And this is exactly what you’re going to be served up when you rock up to our urban yoga retreat Soul Cleanse – a full day of bottled goodness and mat moving expansion.

So without further adieu, let me introduce you to the married duo who are the earth-loving, human-helping – The Juicist.
What does it mean to Soul Cleanse?

Der, cleansing the soul! No seriously… There’s a lot of focus on different styles of cleansing at the moment and it seems to have become a bit of a trend. As the soul is a deep evolving part of who you are, it’s important to focus clarity of being and to cleanse, nourish and improve who you are as a whole. It’s not a trend. It’s life.
Why do you think yoga and juicing go hand in hand?

Yoga frees the body, mind and soul and connects all parts, providing strength and wellness. Juice made from real produce compliments this by providing life force and energy to the body. Together, yoga and juicing allow us to nourish ourselves with the best nutrients, and really experience how this makes us feel.

Tell us about your blossoming and earth-loving business, The Juicist.

In a nutshell – The Juicist is about delivering the best parts of real, seasonal produce to the body. We believe in cold-pressed juice production in small, controlled batches. Using only produce from farmers who we know understand things like biodynamics, sustainability and soil biodiversity. The Juicist is also about bridging the gap between well farmed food and consumers in cities.

We aim to ‘close the loop’ by buying direct from farmers and returning all composted ‘pulp’ back to farms, instead of sending it to landfill. Happy farmers, happy people, happy juice.

What are you most looking forward to with the Soul Cleanse Urban Retreat?

Connecting with an awesome bunch of like-minded people and providing them with something we love and are so proud of.

What are your big dreams for the next year?

To make our juice more accessible for everybody. To connect with more amazing organic farmers. To further reduce the distance between living produce and our juice press.

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