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Theta Healing


Theta Healing is a type of therapy that operates on the belief that we can use the energy from the Universe to heal us. It is classified as an energy healing technique. The practice of this therapy focuses on what is thought to be our four levels of belief, which are Core Belief, Genetic Beliefs, History Beliefs, and Soul Beliefs.

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Understanding the Four Levels of Belief

Our core beliefs are the things that we learned to believe as children. These beliefs have an impact – either good or bad – on our emotional state for the most part, but also on our physical state. Genetic beliefs come from our ancestors, and are actually a part of our genetic makeup. Our History Beliefs come from our own pasts and experiences, and many believe that this includes past lives, and past racial history as well. Our Soul Beliefs are what make us who we are. It is the belief of many that we feel things to our very souls, and the soul can actually become ill. Soul Beliefs are actually a combination of the other three beliefs, which run deeply.

How Theta Healing Works

Through various research and studies we have learned that our beliefs have a direct impact on our health – including whether or not we get sick, and whether or not our illnesses and conditions will be cured. This includes the impact on both physical and mental conditions, and even impacts our emotional state and relationships. The purpose behind this type of therapy is to change your beliefs, so that you can heal, or avoid illness. Note that nobody is trying to convert you, or to change your religious beliefs, as this type of healing or therapy has nothing to do with religious beliefs, as a whole.

Using Theta With or Without a Practitioner

For the most part, a practitioner is really needed for Theta Healing to be highly effective. However, with the help of the practitioner, you will learn exercises that can help you to help yourself as well. The practitioner will use a type of hypnosis to bring your four beliefs – generally one at a time – to the surface, so that those beliefs can be examined in order to determine which beliefs are causing you problems – from a health standpoint and a mental standpoint. Through this form of hypnosis, you will eventually learn to discard those beliefs which are harming you, and replace them with beliefs that actually help you in all areas of your life, including your health and emotional state.

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