Sunday, January 24, 2021

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Diet Plan


There are so many different types of diet plans for women; it is difficult to know which one is right for you. It’s hard to turn on the TV, or read a magazine, without being inundated with information about one type of diet or another.

You can quickly become convinced that all you have to do is order a month’s worth of meals from a distributor, and you miraculously lose weight and look like the celebrity advertising it. Or you might have been reading about the Paleo diet and how much weight you can loose and how great you will feel.

There are liquid diets, grapefruit diets, low carb diets, sugar free diets. In other words, diets that cover just about any taste there is – and even some, like the cabbage diet, that require you to eat just one thing.

There are some reasons why almost all of these diets fail. First, they all limit what you can eat, which makes them almost impossible to continue for a long period of time. A good diet plan, on the other hand, will work on the basis of what you can add to your diet, not what you can take away!

Making sure that you are getting the recommended five to nine servings a day of fruits and vegetables not only improves your health, but helps to make you feel full without adding a lot of empty calories. The same is true of water – adding the recommended 8 glasses of water to your daily meals will keep you feeling full, without calories. You will find that just these two simple changes will leave you naturally without the craving for the junk foods that keep you gaining weight.

Choose a diet plan that includes balanced meals, and includes the foods you normally eat. We’ve all seen those diet plans that promise a steady weight loss – but when you go through the recipes to choose your weeks dinner plan, you don’t recognize any of the meals! If you love beef and chicken, a diet based on pork and lamb isn’t the right one for you. If you love pasta, a diet that completely eliminates it isn’t going to suit you.

The diet that works is the one that you can live with long term, and which contains a wide variety of foods. This is also the diet that will help you remain healthy and active.


  1. Adrienne

    @ Anna Not really.

    You aren’t eating enough but the foods you’re eating are processed foods and not good for you anyway.

    When you don’t eat enough your body will go into starvation mode and the next thing you eat stores in your body as fat. Not eating enough is as bad as overeating, both cause weight gain.

  2. Anna

    Would you consider this a starvation diet?
    It is 4:00 p.m.

    And today I had

    1 egg and sausage farmers wrap from Tim Hortons

    1 medium mocha from Tim Hortons

    1 ounce of chicken

    2 cups of coffee black

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