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50 Things to Prepare Before Having a Baby


Having a baby is a very exciting part of everyone’s life.  There are a lot of things to do and prepare for yourself, your baby and your home.

What did you forget in Preparation for Your Baby?

During this exciting time it is often difficult to think of everything you might need to prepare before having your baby. New parents often have no idea of everything necessary for baby’s health and safety.  Experienced parents may think they have everything needed but it may have been misplaced.  Check the following list to be certain you are ready to bring your bundle of joy home.

50 Things to Prepare

1. You will need to create birthing plan.

2. Purchase a car seat that meets the mandated safety requirements.

3. Choose a pediatrician, if you have a caesarian birth, they will need to be there at birth.

4. Purchase and assemble a crib, bassinette or cradle – slats should be no more than 2 -3/8” apart for the safety of your baby.

5. Decide on which diapers you will use; disposable, diaper service, cloth.

6. Purchase several baby stockinette caps, these help baby maintain their body temperature.  Socks and booties should be on hand as well.

7. Bibs and Burping cloths, newborns tend to be messy little eaters.

8. Clothing for baby such as Onesies, baby gowns and diaper shirts.  Baby grows fast so do not over purchase.  The sack type gowns that have the flaps to cover baby’s hands are helpful  in reducing scratches from the baby’s nails on their own little faces.  They are also good to help reduce the loss of socks that they kick off.

9.Get extra crib linens and receiving blankets.

10. You will need a good size diaper bag to hold baby’s things for outings.

11. Whether you bottle feed or breast feed, you will need bottles, decide on glass or plastic or disposable.  Make sure you get the newborn nipples for the bottles. Also purchase a bottle brush and nipple brush for cleaning them.

12. If you decide to breastfeed you will need a breast pump, you can get electric or manual breast pumps.

13. If you are not breastfeeding, speak with your chosen pediatrician for the recommended formula and purchase about a week’s worth.  Do not over purchase because sometimes a baby cannot tolerate the formula and this may change.  Also when you purchase ask if you can return it unopened if it does change.  This may help you decide how much to purchase.

14. You will need baby wipes or washcloths to be used to clean baby’s bottom.

15. Purchase a baby carrier, sometimes these come doubled as car seats or strollers, research before you buy to get the safest one for your child at the best cost for you.

16. Always a good thing to have is a baby monitor; it gives such peace of mind.

17. Buy an entertaining but safe mobile for the baby’s bed.

18. Infant toys should be soft and safe, check them closely for age specifications.

19. Lullaby music is comforting for your baby, check for CD’s or tapes to play for your baby.

20. Plastic bath tub and a bath sponge for the baby.  Wet babies are slippery! Be careful.

21. Baby wash cloths, mild baby wash and baby oil for bath time.

22. A soothing diaper cream, baby lotion and baby powder should be on hand.

23. Get a good nasal aspirator, newborn size.

24.  A rectal thermometer or a tympanic thermometer in case baby gets ill.

25. Cotton balls and cotton tip swabs should be available for cleaning the umbilical cord and circumcision sites.  These are also good for drying the outside ears.  Do not put cotton tip swabs inside baby’s ears!

26. Baby nail clippers or baby nail scissors, some mothers prefer to bite their newborns nails to prevent injury to the baby.

27. Infant gas reliever drops – ask the pediatrician for recommendations.

28. Changing table or a designated place for diaper and clothing changes stocked well with the necessary supplies within easy reach for you.

29. A stroller that can grow with the baby is a great asset for appointments and outings.

30. Wash all new baby clothing and linens to prepare them for use.

31. Choose the babies name – they have this name forever, choose carefully.

32. Pack your hospital bag with everything you need and a homecoming outfit for baby.  Also if you plan to use a pacifier, pack this as well so your baby can become used to it at the hospital, some babies suck their thumb as soon as they are born.

33. Plan maternity leave, Make arrangements for baby sitter for any other children

34. Charge up the camera and digital recorder batteries – this will be something you will want to never forget, photos are priceless!

35. Baby book – Begins before birth, keep up with it, you may think you will remember small details and can do it later, you won’t and you can’t!

36. Prepare a list of phone numbers include the hospital, the obstetrician, your family and friends.

37. Determine if a male child will be circumcised, make an informed choice.

38. Take a birthing class – these classes are very informative and can help ease anxiety with knowledge of what to expect.

39. Cover your mattress with a plastic sheet about a month before you are due in case your water breaks while in bed.

40. Diaper pail – you will need a place to dispose of disposable diapers or put rinsed cloth diapers to keep odor down.

41. Nursing bras and gowns if you are breastfeeding will be necessary.

42. Attend a newborn care class to learn about the special care needed for your baby.

43. Tour the Hospital, the birthing rooms, the nursery and check the security of the nursery for your baby’s safety and your peace of mind.  Note visiting hours for your friends and family.

44. Make sure all fire and Carbon monoxide sensors in your home are functional.

45. Keep the car full of gas, but have a backup plan for transport to the hospital if there is car trouble

46. Review your health insurance policy regarding child birth and coverage for baby after he or she is born.

47. Select and prepare birth announcements and fill in the blanks once the baby arrives.  You can address and stamp them, leaving blanks for birth date, time, weight and baby’s name to be filled in after the birth.

48. Prepare and freeze some meals for the first few weeks or collect takeout menus and food delivery services.

49. Discuss birthing options with your partner and your obstetrician.  Do you want an epidural; do you want medications during labor?  Have these decisions made.

50. Prepare your home and your vehicle for baby’s safety. Side air bags, alarms, etc; place the car seat in the back seat facing the back of the car.  They hospital will not let you bring your baby home without a car seat.

Prepare for having your Baby with Safety Recommendations

Read the labels of everything you purchase for your new baby.  Make sure they are age appropriate and meet the federal safety guidelines.  Evaluate all toys placed near the baby for small parts that could be swallowed and to make certain they are safe for your baby.  Keep your baby safe and healthy by being informed and prepared!

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