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Things You Didn’t Know About Your Breasts


As a teenager, you studied them in the mirror every day. Now, you take care of your breasts because you care about their appearance and their health. However, no matter how much information you get, there is always something new you should learn about your breasts.

Find out things that only a few women know about their breasts!

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Curiosities About Female Breasts

The left breast is always bigger. No woman has perfect breasts, which are equal in size. Usually the left one is a little bigger. Sometimes the difference can be seen with the naked eye. The shape may be slightly different too. No one knows yet what causes this asymmetry.

Breasts become “fatter” with age. At the age of 20, your breasts are made of fat, glands that produce milk and collagen – the connective tissue that keeps your breasts firm and elastic. As you get older, the glands and collagen start to disappear,  and are replaced by fat. Unfortunately, the breasts won`t get bigger, but they become saggy.

A medium-sized breast weighs about 500 grams. Each breast contributes with 4-5% of the total body fat, so their weight is about 1% of your total weight.

Like the penis, breasts become slightly bigger when they are stimulated. According to research, they increase in size on average of 25% during sex, which happens due to the hormonal changes.

Breasts are one of the biggest mysteries of evolution. In other mammals, the mammary glands only increase in size during lactation. Outside lactation, there are periods you cannot tell  whether the animal is male or female based on the mammary glands alone. Scientists have not yet learned why women have their breasts always visible.

All women have small bumps on the halo around the nipple. They are called the Montgomery glands and their role has not yet been established. They seem to lubricate the nipple area.

Many women have few hairs around the areola. These are perfectly normal, because in that area there are hair follicles. The hairs can be pulled out without any risk.

Breasts go through a monthly cycle. They are bigger and hurt during menstruation, in mid-cycle they are very sensitive to sexual stimulation, and immediately after menstruation they are smooth, making this period good for palpation.

Interesting Facts About Breasts

  • Today, breast augmentation is the most requested aesthetic intervention.
  • Prior to the silicone implants, all sorts of objects have been tested, more or less strange: the ox cartilage, glass, polyester, and rubber balls. Of course, the results were disastrous.
  • Men may have lactation. It happens very rarely, it is true, but it is possible in certain hormonal disorders.
  • At the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, students can specialize in designing bras. It seems that it takes an engineer to create women’s underwear.
  • 6% of world population suffers from polimastia. Those affected have an excess of breast tissue that can locate anywhere on the body: the underarm, neck, face, back, thighs, on the feet. This tissue is not always visible to the naked eye.
  • In addition, some people have more teats, which can appear anywhere on the body, including the sole.
  • The world record for biggest boobs belongs to an adult film actress. She had surgery nine times and has nearly four liters of silicone in her breasts.
  • Annie Hawkins-Turner owns the largest natural breasts. She wears the bra cup ZZZ.
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