Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Thinking About Going Vegan?


My husband and I are off to a quick weekend trip to Phoenix AZ. We are getting together with some family (on his side) and we’ll be doing some photography out there as well. I’m not sure how much I’ll be online, if at all, so I thought I’d leave some food for thought, and if you’d like, please feel free to leave a comment, introduce yourself to others, and support one another. Keep in mind that there is a mix of people, vegans, vegan-curious, vegetarians, some of you vegans might be able to offer some positive insight into going vegan, and those of you who are vegan curious, well, go ahead, ask some questions! It’s okay, we don’t bite.

Anyway… So here is the food for thought, for everyone thinking about going Vegan.

“There is but one cause of human failure. And that is man’s lack of faith in his own true Self” — William James

My husband and I have started hiking, which really, it turns out it’s just walking. The first hike we went on, I was so hesitant. I kept thinking, we can always turn back, I have my camera, so I can stop a billion times, I can tell my husband that some part of my body hurts, I could fall off a cliff and die, I could have to be rescued by the national guard, I could get attacked by a bear, or snake, or a pack of wild hummingbirds. I mean, SCARY right? The first few steps of the hike were daunting, not because they were hard, because I THOUGHT they were hard. When I realized, wow, I’m just walking, was when I decided to stop all of the complaining in my head and just enjoy it, and look forward to what awaited me, I actually ENJOYED hiking the mile down the mountain out to these cliffs. And when I got to the end of those cliffs? OCEAN me, the cliffs, and ocean. At that moment so much clicked for me, I wish I could have just seen the end result from the start, me, standing over this beautiful landscape, being drenched in sunlight, listening to birds and wind blowing through high grass. Now granted, I found out that day, if you hike a mile DOWN the mountain, you have to hike a mile UP the mountain. But when I got to the top again? When I looked down at the mile I just got myself up? It was worth every single bit of it. Nature became my trainer, and she said “This is what you get for being brave, this feeling, right here, right now”

Since that hike, I’ve been on many more, and each one I go on, I actually look forward to, I move through the paths, and get excited about what is waiting for me. I don’t worry how long it will take, or if I will be in pain, or even if I can do it. I dropped all of my excuses, and now, there is life, and so much that I am discovering. And all of those excuses? They were just negative thoughts in my head that I was desperately was in need of replacing. In the end, hiking was no more impossible than every thing else that I once thought of impossible.

The same could be said for going vegan. I remember being so depressed because I desperately wanted to have a “last meal” I thought I needed to go and eat whatever I could, you know, to get it out of my system or something. I was so afraid about how hard it would be to go vegan that I did not enjoy it at first. Seriously, for weeks I ate oatmeal, beans, plain tofu and soy protein smoothies. I had this kind of fatal attitude about it all. I WISH that I could have seen myself in the future, healthier, happier, being positive, cooking fun and exciting foods, eating foods that I NEVER thought I’d eat again (like fruit). I wish that as I worried about what family would think, or friends, or how I would eat out, or how I could have will power, that I could have seen myself RIGHT NOW, not worrying about any of that.

The truth is that we all have done something that we once thought was impossible. We got through a test, graduated school, ran a race, had a child, found a partner, we have all done something that we were once convinced we could never do.

If you are here because you are curious about going vegan, and you are feeling a little overwhelmed, or scared, or not sure what it will be like, let me give you a virtual bottle… it’s filled with every thing that you will feel like in a few months down the road, it’s got a healthier, happier you, just bottled up, ready to go. It’s got a ton of courage you did not know you had, and will power that you never knew was waiting there for you. It’s got tons of good feelings, over how AMAZING you did with all of it, once you let go of the fear, and discovered that you, yourself were as strong and powerful as you needed to be.

And, for everyone else, (and on top of the going vegan thing) , what it is that you believe right now is impossible? What would you do if you knew that you would not fail? Would you run a race? A marathon? Would you go on a big hike? Would you quit your job and do what you always dreamed of? Would you give up something that you know is not healthy for you? Would you go and buy a sexy outfit? Get your hair done? Would you get out of that bad relationship that does nothing for you? Would you believe in yourself? Would you rid yourself of all the negative in your life? Up and move to somewhere you always wanted to live?

What if you could see future you, living those very things, and you could tell your current self, that it would all be just fine, that you are strong enough to do it, and in the end, it wasn’t so scary after-all.

So have at it – write to your current self from your future self (in the comments or in a journal), write your fears out, introduce yourself to others, stop being afraid that you CAN’T and start knowing that you totally can.

Because in the end, we’ve all got our mountains to climb, but the view at the end? So worth it.


  1. Sagan

    I’ve decided to go vegan for the month of September so right now I’m just working my way up to it- great idea for the slow transition. Right now it’s figuring out which foods I can/can’t eat that’s the big problem rather than feeling deprived with not being able to eat certain foods.

  2. Kylie

    “’ve been vegan for over 11 years now, and it’s an ever-evolving process. My best advice is actually advice that is helpful when approaching any food plan/food change.

    Transition doesn’t have to happen overnight. Making the switch from veg to vegan doesn’t have to be cut and dry, cold turkey, which can be hugely overwhelming! Start by reducing/eliminating one non-vegan food a week or month, perhaps. Or start by eating one all vegan meal a day and move toward two and then three and then all, over time. Whatever works for you to make the switch feel manageable.

    I also suggest this if you are trying to make broader lifestyle changes in becoming vegan, like not wearing animal fibers in clothing or eliminating use of products that aren’t vegan/cruelty-free. Take your time. Make small changes. Take baby steps. Allow each change to take hold and settle before adding another.

  3. Josiane

    I just found you on Twitter, and decided to come over here to know a little more about you, and I find this! Thank you for that very inspiring post!

I went on a plant based diet after diabetes almost took my life. Now, almost 2 years later not only have I reduced my type 2 diabetes symptoms, I have lost close to 200 pounds (and still losing). This is a place where I write about my journey as I continue the quest for health, and living a good life for today, and long into the future. Get hold of me on

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