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Tibetan Pulsing


Tibetan pulsing is considered to be a relaxing, healing and powerful energy process.  It frees emotions, allows the mind to relax and rejuvenates the physical body.  This approach is a holistic therapy that uses a meditative technique to assist you to reach a higher level of consciousness.  It is used to allow the individual to become the master of themselves instead of a victim of their unconscious.

Benefits of Tibetan Pulsing

This technique treats conditions such as stress, emotional anxiety, depression, anger, fear, nervousness and feelings of unworthiness.   It has been effective for treating psychological problems by bringing awareness to the subconscious which leads to dissolving problems of relating and intimacy.

The possibility is there to open yourself up and experience friendship and intimacy as past tensions and emotions that have been pent up for years dissolve.  Your energy is no longer being used for suffering related to your past experiences.

How Pulsing Works

Tibetan pulsing does not work through mind analyzing, this therapy heads straight for the problem.  Addressing fears, depression, emotional anxieties, and feelings of doubt, this is a scientific, healing technique helps you to work through the painful experiences that have taken up residence in your system and used your energy for years.

When you are able to let go of these emotions the body, mind and spirit are less burdened and you are open to better insight.   These painful events of the past no longer hold you down; you are able to forgive both yourself and others because the events no longer hold the same meanings for you.

This practice alleviates the energetic charge that has dictated our unconscious reactions.  Each time in our lives when we experience a disappointment or we are hurt in a way that we are unable to resolve we build an energetic block in our brain to protect ourselves.   This energetic block creates a negative charge in our brain.  These charges build with each block like a shield and as long as they exist we lock ourselves into a pattern of suffering.  When a person is willing to let go of this pattern of suffering they are able to release the negative charges and will feel unburdened and gain insights into themselves they were not previously aware of.

What to Expect During Pulsing

Tibetan Pulsing begins with diagnosis through the eye to determine which circuits of energy are affected.  Different circuits represent various sets of psychological, physical and emotional characteristics. There is also a dialogue with the therapist to ascertain if there are current issues occurring in your life.

Once the energy circuit requiring attention is identified you are asked to lie down and relax.  Specific music is played during a session depending on which circuits are being treated.  The therapist will hold or press on specific points on the body that are related to that circuit to release the negative energy from where your body has stored it.  This works by using the pulse, the power of the heartbeat together with the electrical energy of the body to heal the blockages.  You are released of the negative energies that have been hidden within yourself for years that have denied you relationships, creativity and success in life.

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