Wednesday, January 27, 2021

51 Tips for Going Plant-Based


  1. Learn about animals and factory farms. Know the truth behind what goes into dairy/eggs and meat. If you don’t like veggies, SNEAK them into stuff – scramble, soup, burritos.
  2. While eating play games! No, seriously. Have a crossword puzzle or other board game at the dinner table (with the family if you have a family) playing a game will slow down your eating and it’s fun
  3. Drink water before you eat your meal.
  4. Have a big water bottle with you all day. Every time you go to the bathroom, re-fill it.
  5. DANCE! Find some fun dance music. Put on while cleaning!
  6. Move after meals. We tend to want to sit after a meal – try moving around and being active for 10-20 min (nothing hardcore, but activity non the less)
  7. Reward yourself (not with food) if you have a week of healthy breakfasts reward yourself with a movie or magazine that you really want.
  8. Get outside. Vitamin D is essential for weight loss and healthy body function. Take vitamin D, eat things with vitamin D and get out in the sun for 15 minutes a day.
  9. Change it up! Change up your work out routine every few days! Don’t let your body get used to the same old thing
  10. Know what you are putting in your mouth! Become as educated as you can about ALL the food you are eating and that your family is eating.
  11. Use the words “I CHOOSE” before every thing you do (or don’t do). So, I choose to eat this healthy breakfast, or I CHOOSE to eat fast food. Own your choices!
  12. Write it down. your intentions in the beginning of each week, put them in a place you can see them.
  13. Tell other people what you are doing. Send out an e-mail, post a facebook status, put a tweet up! Tell the world “I’m getting healthy by sticking to a healthy vegan diet!”
  14. Cut the negative. Catch yourself in negative talk, turn it around every time you hear yourself say something that is not positive.
  15. De-clutter your life! Clear out a closet, clean out the junk drawer, clear space is clear mind.
  16. De-clutter your relationships. I know, that seems harsh, but if you have people who are not good for you, don’t talk to them as much, surround yourself with positive and loving people.
  17. Learn to veganize your previously ‘favorite’ meals. I haven’t found one thing that I can’t have vegan that I had as an omnivore. It takes some creativity. But there is nothing that can’t be done. Get creative!
  18. Have fresh fruits and veggies cut up and ready to go! Make sure it’s the first thing you reach for.
  19. Take a picture of your grocery cart in the store and post it to facebook be accountable for what is in your cart.
  20. Use a grocery delivery service (all are under 6.95) they save money and save you from going past the cookie aisle.
  21. Read books! Pick up China Study, becoming vegan, or any other number of great books so you can know what you are doing and why it’s good.
  22. Get a step counter!
  23. Get a heart rate monitor (one that tracks calories is really nice if you can)
  24. Don’t hold onto the treadmill!
  25. have trail mix (home made) on hand. Nuts, cacoa nibs, dried fruit are always good.
  26. Before you eat a snack do something – drink water, dance, work out for a few minutes, call a friend, play a game – stall!
  27. Have a fast paced work out mix on your i-pod, no slow songs (well except for stretching).
  28. Know your body. Learn about the biology of your body and what it is set up to eat and why. Learn about your intestines and your stomach, learn about the way your mouth is set up, understanding biology is really key to understand health.
  29. Make grocery lists!
  30. Find a vegan cafe to check out, learn how the pros do it!
  31. Going on a road trip? Have a plan. Bring snacks. check out the city you are going to and find the vegan places and healthy grocery stores.
  32. When having family over do not compromise, cook a healthy vegan meal! They will like it, I promise.
  33. Remember that your tastes DO change if you let them. Give it a few weeks.
  34. Slowly eliminate and slowly add. You will be amazed how much you CAN eat when you cut out the bad stuff.
  35. Google vegan and raw recipes! There are THOUSANDS of great recipes out there.
  36. Clean your kitchen every night! A clean sink is the goal
  37. Turn your cable off. Or only watch TV when you are moving in front of it.
  38. Work out in 5 minute bursts all day (thanks Pamela for that one) 6 – 5 min. bursts is a half hour work out!
  39. Have a goal outfit in mind.
  40. Sign up for a 5K (to start)
  41. Get a work out buddy (in real life or online)
  42. Get off of dairy FIRST! It’s the most addictive and will help with eliminating other cravings.
  43. For everything you eliminate introduce 2 new foods. You could probably introduce 5 more things for each meat/dairy/egg thing you eliminate, but start with 2.
  44. Don’t blame other people for your eating/work out habits. Resentment is dangerous, blaming your kids, friends, spouse, partner always leads to bad things. Take ownership of every decision that YOU make!
  45. Going to a gathering? Don’t compromise. If you have to, bring your own dish, or eat before you go.
  46. Brush your teeth! After meals, or when you are tempted to snack (just because, not because you are hungry)
  47. Get rid of your old cookbooks and replace them with new vegan and raw ones!
  48. Want to save the earth? Learn what going vegan means for the environment.
  49. Every so often, treat yourself to a good vegan treat. Raw chocolate, or a chocolate chip cookie anyone?
  50. Don’t watch commercials! Commercials advertise ways to be sick by pushing fast food, bad food and medications.
  51. Know that you are doing the best thing possible for other living creatures, for your body, for the earth and others who are less fortunate.


  1. Kara

    After I read number 47, it reminded me to tell you that I made your big pasta salad to take with me to a family barbeque. My sister gave it to her two daughters (2 and 3), and they asked for more. Kids love veggies, but too many times parents don’t even offer them. I was glad to share something healthy and tasty with my family! Now, if I can only get my dad to grill veggies instead of meat…

  2. Lesley

    Great list! Your blog is very inspirational. I’ve been a (lazy, overweight) vegetarian since 1990, sliding in and out of veganism. I just read the China Study, and now we are 95% vegan all the time. My daughter misses cheese, my son misses yogurt, but it has been really easy, actually. My son was salivating over a BBQ seitan sandwich at a local vegan bakery, so we must be doing something right!

  3. Denise

    Love the list 🙂

    I agree with number 42. My husband has just made the transition to veganism from being a meat eater (he didn’t even bother with doing lacto-veg first), and he is finding not being able to have diary hard. Luckily he loves the taste of Cheezly.

    I’ve only just come across your blog today, and I love it. I also have a blog as well, which I have only just started on my weight loss journey

  4. heather

    Lesley: Try offering your son the so delicious coconut yogurts. They are so amazingly delicious and have the same texture and tang as dairy yogurt.

    Great list… always nice to perpetually be re-inspired. Thank you Natala for your positive blog. When I read your entries I can truly sense your compassion for the human and non-human animals alike. Optimism seems to be a novelty these days so it is refreshing to know I can always get a good dose of it here on your site … best wishes on your life-long journey.

I went on a plant based diet after diabetes almost took my life. Now, almost 2 years later not only have I reduced my type 2 diabetes symptoms, I have lost close to 200 pounds (and still losing). This is a place where I write about my journey as I continue the quest for health, and living a good life for today, and long into the future. Get hold of me on

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