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50 Tips for Naturally Losing Weight


Losing weight doesn’t have to be hard or unpleasant, if you are willing to make simple changes. While you do need exercise, you don’t need expensive diet plans in order to get the weight off. There are many ways to lose weight, and here are 50 natural tips to help get you there!

Change What You Do To Lose Weight

Those diet plans that promise weight loss without exercise or portion control are lying to you! If you want to get the weight off, you have to get moving.

1.    Realize that exercise doesn’t have to be grueling. Exercise can be as simple as taking a walk around the block, or even around your house. The idea is to keep up the pace and to walk for at least twenty minutes each day.

2.    Make it a point to constantly be moving while you are awake – no matter what you are doing.

3.    Choose an exercise that you enjoy. You won’t stick with it if you hate it.

4.    Don’t make it hard to workout. Workout at home, or choose a gym that is close to your home or work.

5.    Make sure that you are exercising, in some form, for at least twenty continuous minutes each day – an hour is better.

6.    Make time for exercise. Put it on your schedule, and consider it to be one of the most important meetings of your life – everyday.

7.    There are many complicated, complex exercise machines to purchase. You don’t need them. Keep it as simple as possible.

8.    If you weigh daily – stop. If you never weight at all – start. You really only need to weigh once each week. More than that is obsessive, and less isn’t good for you either.

9.    During the time that you are not working, get an accurate estimate of how many hours you are sitting down, doing nothing towards burning calories. Divide that number of hours by two. Start moving, instead of sitting for that number of hours each day.

10.    If you function better by having meals already prepared for you, join a weight loss program, such as Jenny Craig, where your meals are delivered to you.

11.    Pasta is not a diet food. You can eat it – but eat it in moderation, and look for healthier pasta choices when possible.

12.    Eat what you crave, in moderation. If you crave fried chicken, have one piece – or have even half a piece. Just remember that this isn’t the last time that you will ever have fried chicken.

13.    When you eat, realize that you will eat again shortly. Eat just enough. If you feel miserably full after eating, you ate too much.

14.    Know how many calories you can consume each day and try very hard not to go over that number.

15.    Low fat isn’t always the best choice. You need some fats. Check with your doctor to find out how much fat you need.

Change What You Eat To Reduce Fat

You cannot lose weight and still eat the way that you eat now. You must eat, however. Here are some tips to help you choose the right foods.

1.    Read labels on products and know what you are consuming. You may be surprised at what you find out about the foods that you now eat.

2.    Do not go hungry. Eat small portions six to eight times a day. You should actually eat more often than you are eating now, but you won’t be eating more in terms of calories.

3.    Avoid fast food like the plague! It takes a little more time to go home and pop something in the microwave, but when you fit into your skinny jeans, you will be glad that you made the extra effort.

4.    Microwave more than you eat out, and cook more than you microwave. In terms of vegetables, eat them raw more than you cook them.

5.    Eat Slowly. This allows the food time to hit your stomach, and gives your brain time to send the full signals.

6.    Look for substitutes. If you favorite snack isn’t healthy for you, consider the texture of the snack, and the taste (salty, tangy, sweet). With that in mind, select a healthier snack of the same texture and taste.

7.    Take a good multivitamin. Ask your doctor for a recommendation. Vitamins actually help you to lose weight; because your body doesn’t panic as much thinking that it isn’t getting what it needs to properly function.

8.    Listen to your body. When your body says it is hungry, give it a little something to eat. Otherwise, you will overeat later.

9.    Cut out the carbonated drinks. You will be amazed at how much weight you drop just with that change alone. Drink water instead.

10.    Cut out sugar, or limit it severely at the very least. Some sugar isn’t bad for you, but it is extremely high in calories, and those are what we call ‘empty calories.’

11.    Salads are great when you are trying to lose weight. Don’t ruin the good, healthy intention with loads of salad dressing, however.

12.    Eat crunchy foods. Crunchy foods take longer to chew and swallow, and you will find that you actually consume less food, but still get full.

13.    Avoid meal replacement shakes. While they will give you the appropriate amount of calories for a meal, they won’t satisfy you at all, and you will soon be reaching for something else.

14.    Look for healthier bread choices. Today, you can eat bread on a diet, as long as you purchase bread that was designed for weight loss.

15.    Check the Glycemic index, and choose foods that are have low Glycemic index numbers for best results.

Change How You Think of Your Health

If you plan to lose weight, and keep it off, you absolutely must change the way that you think about food and nutrition, as well as exercise.

1.    You are not on a diet. You are making a lifestyle change. The sooner you get that stuck in your head, and get that nasty ‘diet’ word out of your vocabulary, the healthier you will be.

2.    Tell others your weight loss goals. Most people do have a strong sense of accountability, and this will help to keep you on track.

3.    Be honest with yourself and set realistic goals. You probably cannot lose ten pounds each week – or even five. Set goals that are reachable so that you do not discourage yourself.

4.    Take Pictures! It is very encouraging to see the difference between now and then to know that your efforts are really paying off. Before and after photos are highly recommended.

5.    Get Family Support. This goes beyond telling friends and coworkers you weight loss goals. Your family will be essential to your weight loss – especially the people who live in the same house.

6.    Realize that there is nobody in this world like you, and stop comparing yourself to other people. You will lose weight at a different rate than other people, so if your ‘diet buddy’ is losing faster than you, don’t worry about it.

7.    Keep records or a journal. Your weight chart or journal doesn’t have to be complex, but it is always mentally beneficial to go back and see what you’ve accomplished, and how you did it.

8.    Know what you want, and write it down. If you want to weight 125 pounds, write this down. Refer to it often.

9.    Get support from strangers. You can join a multitude of online support groups, and many are free of charge. Select one group, however, otherwise you will spend all that time that you should be exercising sitting at your computer juggling too many support groups.

10.    Use your own good sense. You will hear many myths concerning weight loss, and you should never take weight loss advice from someone who is overweight.

11.    Get the right amount of sleep. You can’t function properly without the proper amount of rest.

12.    It takes 21 days to make or break a habit. Keep this in mind and work towards consciously making and breaking habits for your good health.

13.    Everyone indulges at one point. Don’t let this flush your weight loss goals down the toilet. Instead, forgive yourself and get right back on track.

14.    Food is not the enemy. You must eat, but you must make healthy, responsible food choices.

15.    Focus on something else. If you are bored, you will probably eat. Get your hands and your mind busy with something else, and only eat because it is time to eat – not because you are bored.

16.    Enjoy eating. A plate of raw carrots is not appetizing. You should prepare meals that look and taste appetizing.

17.    Have a varied diet. You may find a food that you love, which works well with your weight loss plans. You shouldn’t eat it everyday. No food on earth has everything that your body needs in terms of nutrients.

18.    Always have a backup plan. Things always come up, and this may change your dinner plans or your workout plans. Have Plan B ready to go.

19.    Go shopping. Try on clothes in different sizes. Not only does this help you to see your progress, but it makes you feel great.

20.    Reward yourself for your efforts – but not with food. Find other non-food related rewards that you can give yourself, like a nice massage.

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