Thursday, May 23, 2019

7 Tips For Starting a Raw Vegan Diet


Over the years, many people have struggled to make sense of eating raw vegan. It’s as if as soon as one area seems to become clearer (like how to make a good smoothie or nut milk or which juicer is best) another area seems to open up and bring with it yet more confusion and even more to learn.

It actually took me over 5 years to figure out not just what the facets of going raw were, but how they actually fitted together, what order they were best learned in and how mastering each in the right order would lead to inevitable success.

The good news is, none of this is rocket science! It’s super-easy to learn, much quicker to implement and follow than most people think and great fun too – especially now that finally there’s a map!

You can go raw!

In fact, by learning The 7 Steps anyone can eat raw, and just as importantly stay raw, if they so desire, and these 7 Steps to Going Raw model will both enlighten you and hopefully also relieve you too

Are you ready to learn the 7 Steps?

Here we go!

1: Know and understand fully Why Going Raw Is A Whole Person Journey. It’s crucial to understand the importance of aligning yourself internally as well as externally, and “getting” that will form your foundation for success.

2: Food, Glorious Food! Learn about what raw food is and isn’t, how to select the best, where to find it and what can be done with it. Also includes the importance of variety and vitality and the need to “eat green”.

3: Create A Living Foods Kitchen. Understand the equipment used, what’s right for you, how best to get organised, and how to set yourself up for success so that temptations aren’t there to sabotage your efforts.

4: Get Creative! Learn about the various techniques that can transform simple raw foods into pure delights or much more elaborate and comforting drinks and meals such as pizzas, ice-creams, cookies and crackers.

5: Raw Food Recipes for Everyday Living. To go raw you need recipes that are quick, easy, fun and delicious with minimum prep and clean-up time. By focusing on great-tasting fast-food like this, eating raw will be a doddle.

6: Menu Planning. Knowing what to eat, when to eat it, how to cover all of your nutritional bases, get enough variety, and to learn about how a great day on raw really looks is vital to make the most of eating raw.

7: Where to Next? Looking good, feeling great – so what next? In this final step you move into territory that continues with your raw transformation – not just inside the kitchen but in your life as a whole. Exciting stuff!

So, this is the overview. That’s the 7 Steps outlined, and there’s nothing in there that you can’t master! (Though maybe you might need a little help).

The important thing to know is this: By mastering these steps you’ll be set up for life! Don’t waste 5 years of your life like we did, trying to figure it all out for yourself – not when everything you need to know has been laid out for you.

If you are ready to go raw, then any of the following programs – all of which are based around the 7 Steps – will be the best investment you could ever make in your raw food journey. Save masses of time, money and energy by learning from our mistakes as well as her successes (and countless others she has worked with), and fast-track your journey to vibrant health today!


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