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Touch for Health


Often confused with laying on hands or massage, Touch for Health is actually a specific type of therapy, in which a trained practitioner uses touch to help ease a variety of illnesses or symptoms of illnesses. Unlike massage or ‘laying on hands,’ the clients full participation is required for this type of therapy to be effective. The concept behind the therapy is that the trained practitioner uses his or her hands to feel the muscles in the human body, for the purpose of restoring balance to those muscles, and to improve the flow of Qi, or energy, to those areas of the body.



Although Touch for Health was not its original name, nobody really knows how old the concept or the techniques are. The practice is derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is believed to have been practiced for more than 5000 years. Today, TFH may be referred to as Energy Monitoring, Muscle Monitoring, or Muscle Testing. What we now call Applied Kineseology, in which movement or exercises are performed on the body, by someone else, can be compared to TFH.

How Touch is Applied

While the practitioner may do the actual touching, he or she may also instruct you to do the touching, and to do the exercises required to restore balance and Qi to the muscles. Typically, the practitioner will use a series of ‘tests,’ all of which can be likened to testing for range of motion and flexibility. After this, exercises are either done or recommended and demonstrated for you. In many cases, you will only need to attend a couple of sessions, and after that point, you will be able to apply TFH for yourself, or even to your loved ones.

The Benefits of Touch

The practitioners and clients of this type of therapy have claimed that it can be used for a wide variety of health issues, and most particularly for pain reduction or management. It also has served to significantly reduce stress and tension, which in turn lowers the blood pressure and allows those who receive this treatment to sleep more soundly. It is also believed that this therapy can help you to recover from injuries faster, reduce the instances of headaches, and relieve backaches. Almost all agree that Touch for Health significantly increases the overall energy, which in turn reduces fatigue. Additional benefits include improved posture and balance.


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