Saturday, November 28, 2020

Tracy Anderson’s Metamorphosis


You’re ready to add fitness into your lifestyle. You’ve tried all they gym classes; spinning, weight lifting, kickboxing, the works, but you don’t have time for that commitment level anymore. You need something flexible – something that works with your schedule.

The Tracy Anderson Method is the package for you. Using body weight exercises to exhaust the smaller muscles that are often forgotten in traditional exercise, weights to tone, and balance and angle exercises to attack the core, Tracy Anderson’s method has proven to be versatile, functional, and above all, successful.

While you can start with any of her dvds, Metamorphosis is a complete system designed to take your through 90 days of work to achieve a changed body and increased stamina. Metamorphosis caters to your specific body type. Before you ever work out, you choose which program will be best for you by assessing where you store fat. Once you have selected the right program, you launch into day one, which includes a muscular structure workout, a cardio workout, and a meal plan. The routine changes every 10 days, providing you fresh material to keep your body guessing.

The cardio is just plain fun. Think back to the days when you danced unabashedly to your favorite song, bouncing to the music and doing whatever you wanted. Metamorphosis cardio is exactly like that. You tap into to yourself and have fun without a care while getting fit at the same time

Try Tracy Anderson’s Metamorphosis and see how much fun exercise can be.


  1. miranda venier

    Thank you for the link to Tracy’s site! It has a really good blog and a lot of useful information.

  2. Andrea Leeson

    Tracy Anderson is one of my favorite fitness models and she has a way of keeping me motivated during my workouts. She is so inspirational and that makes working out with her that much more effective.

  3. Christine

    Getting in shape in such a short time is doable and all it takes is getting through the first couple of weeks of workouts. After that, the results start to show and the workouts get easier.

  4. Lupe' Suarez

    I have always looked at these and just shook my head. They don’t work, they are too hard or I just didn’t have the time for them. This one is different though, it really works and I do have the time it takes to get back in shape!

  5. Ness

    I love this workout video. I feel so energetic and healthy after I finish it. FYI: Having an omnicentric body type simply means that you gain weight evenly throughout your body.

  6. Lani

    I’ve heard this workout series is for “omnicentric body” types. Any idea what this means?

  7. Pam

    This didn’t really work to well for me. I lower back issues and all the jumping around was just a big problem after about ten minutes into the video.

  8. kristy

    Her method does work I have all of the centrics bc couldnt decide which one I was so ladies if your omni, abcentri or hipcentric I got them all…as u can see im glutecentric!!! As well as her begininer dvds n post pregnancy 1, mat method…not much for me to do w them now…

  9. Jaylee

    I love Tracy Anderson and what an inspiration to get fit. The fact she uses methods like body weight exercises and concentrates on the core shows she is up to date with modern training methods. Banish those aerobics videos to the trash!

  10. Wendy

    Body weight exercise is the best exercise routine I have ever done, so I will be trying her out for sure!

  11. sassylady

    Seems like a nice exercise video.

    I may want to get it in the future, Who knows I may get it this week.

    Thanks for sharing!

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