Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Transpersonal Art Therapy


Transpersonal Art Therapy is considered to be not only a perspective but also a path. As a perspective this therapy encourages you to blend spiritual convictions with therapeutic work.  As a path, in terms of treatment and assessment there is work towards balancing the mind, body, spirit and emotions.

The Path

Considered the practical approach, the path begins with you.  You must be grounded and open to creative and contemplative practice; you should make every effort to integrate many various and diverse viewpoints.  This practical approach connects you to ideas of spiritual healing and well being within the holistic philosophies.

The Perspective

A broader approach, the perspective evaluates and identifies extreme states of despair or agitation which are possible indicators of depersonalization or psychosis. Transpersonal Art Therapy is based on knowledge of human development and psychological theories using educational, cognitive, psychodynamic and other therapeutic concepts to resolve or reconcile emotional conflicts.

The path and perspective working together enable us to enter the reality of not so ordinary states of consciousness that have been described in the wisdom of many various spiritual traditions.  By making art and integrating the relationship of the process with the product we are provided access to areas of our consciousness not otherwise available and our capacity for compassion and servitude are transformed.

There are various techniques used to achieve the results desired.  These can include meditation, myths and symbols, ceremonies and rituals and the use of different levels of consciousness that are meant to automatically trigger the healing process.

What You can Gain from Transpersonal Art Therapy

Using this type of Art Therapy we are able to understand human development in its full spectrum of consciousness from its most limited, fragmented state to the widest most unified state possible.  On this belief, this type of therapy can be useful to enhance sensory awareness, improve ego functioning in relationships with yourself and others by establishing an ego with stable internal structure.  It can also help those who have well adjusted egos better deal with unusual experiences.

Through the course of this therapy hidden dimensions within us are revealed which lead us to self realization. By using spiritual and psychological means we are able to find peace and enlightenment by finding the answers to our problems.  The course of therapy is provided in a supportive and creative environment to encourage creative thinking, self development and actualization and the ability to unveil our life’s purpose.  The underlying goal of this therapy is to help us find the answer to our greater truth by identifying our place and our role in the universe.

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