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Transpersonal Counseling


Transpersonal counseling is considered a holistic therapy which encompasses all of the human experience.  The word can be broken down to discover the concepts of this type of counseling.  In Latin translation ‘trans’ means beyond and through, while ‘persona’ means mask or personality.  The therapy looks to reveal the person beyond the mask of the personality by focusing on the essential self.

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The History

The concepts are based on the works of Abraham Maslow who taught motivation and self actualization theory, C.G. Jung’s studies of Analytical Psychology, Carl Rogers’ studies of Interactional Psychology and many others including work by Roberto Assagioli in Psycho synthesis.  These concepts were brought together with the ideology and insights of spiritual traditions around the world to develop transpersonal psychologies.

These spiritual traditions such as Buddhism from the east, Contemplative traditions of the West, and traditions in India such as Yoga are integrated with current studies of psychology. The integration of the various spiritual disciplines can also include the role of altered states, rituals for self-transcendence, contemplative practices, and mystical experiences.

What You Can Expect During a Counseling Session

During a Transpersonal Counseling Session the therapist must be equal to the client.  There is no superior positioning, and it is essential that there is no separation between them on the level of pure consciousness.  The consciousness of each person has a direct impact on the other person.   Any change in this shifts the ideology and nature of the treatment.  The therapist listens to the client with a deep respect for all that is being said with a non judgmental attitude.

It is necessary for the therapists to be analytical and discriminating but they must exhibit the attitude of being open minded, a sense of innocence and wonder.  Everything that is said should be thought of and reacted to as being experienced for the first time for both the therapist and the client.  Reactions should be genuine and real and the therapist guides the client to aspire to react in the same manner.  They are to be honest, real and self aware.  In doing this the therapeutic relationship is empowered to promote growth and healing.

The Goal

The goal of Transpersonal Counseling is to unmask the person behind the personality.  The process is meant to integrate the mind, body and spirit and to achieve psychological growth and well being.

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