Thursday, October 1, 2020

Is Tumescent Liposuction Safe vs Traditional Surgery


I have heard about a liposuction procedure called “Tumescent”, is this safer than the traditional surgery?

Well, Tumescent Liposuction is still a Surgery. And risks associated with any type of surgery are aplenty.

In the tumescent technique, local (instead of general) anesthetic is used. The surgeon then injects a solution of lidocaine (a local anesthetic) into the fatty layer together with another solution (typically epinephrine).

The fatty tissue absorbs the lidocaine which causes the tissues to become swollen and firm while the epinephrine causes the blood vessels to constrict in the area of surgery, which limits blood loss during surgery and gives a longer-lasting numbing effect.

This technique claims to be the safest given that surgeon makes a very small incision into your body and inserts a micro-canula or tube (connected to a vacuum-like machine) into a fatty layer, to suck fat through the canula into a sterile collection system.

It also claims to be less invasive due to the micro-canula used and the small incision made.

It’s reported that it gives a more gradual and targeted treatment plus a more gradual and controlled removal of fat from your body while the surgeon is also able to contour the fatty area more effectively.

What does “Tumescent” actually mean anyway?

The term “tumescent” means swollen and firm.

Tumescent liposuction has received many accolades and praises from the surgeons and from people who have undergone it that many begin to feel like:

“Hey, may be this is it – one liposuction technique that’s safe, low risk and completely do-able for anyone who wants to contour their bodies…”

Ah…How you can be easily swooned and convinced by the “++++” and the “AAAA” comments and reviews piled upon tumescent surgery, that you think good things and good results gonna happen —-

Bingo! A beautiful silhouette, no exercise, no diet needed…

Tumescent Surgery vs Traditional Liposuction: Compared

I hate to puncture your bubbles, but here are some hard truths about this particular liposuction technique:

1. Less Invasive, Huh?

This technique claims to be less invasive. In what sense, huh? The surgeon’s already invading your body by putting you on the operating table and cutting incision into it!

Does it matter how small the incision is or how small the canula is? OK, OK. May be the smallness of these 2 would help to speed up healing and recovery and causes less bruising, swellings, irregularities to the skin and so on…

Thing is, the surgeon still invades your body; it sure doesn’t look like he or she doesn’t have to cut into you and still can remove the fat…

You follow?

2. Lower Risk?

Hey! You’re undergoing a surgery and risks associated with any type of surgery (including liposuction) are aplenty.

Anything can happen on the operating table (including death) regardless of whether you’ve the best surgeon, the safest technique, the best equipment.

They can only lower the risks but cannot completely do away with the risks.

So, you still have to gamble with the risk doing this tumescent procedure, which in the first place, isn’t even medically necessary (except for some special cases).

Get a good understanding of what the risks are here.

And the dangers as well.

3. The Results are Permanent?

Well, after the surgery, if you don’t adhere to a regime of exercise and healthy diet, you gonna put on weight because in the first place, liposuction (tumescent or not) doesn’t help you to lose weight and secondly, it isn’t a ticket that guarantees you to “eat-all-you-can-and-whatever-you-want” kind of thing.

Hello, you GAIN WEIGHT if you eat more than you burn. Period.

The truth is – the fat cells that aren’t removed (there are bound to be some of these left though the surgeon tells you that the tumescent technique is capable of removing most of the fat cells in the treated area……), would grow in size and would cause you to put on weight in the treated area.

Also fat cells in other non-treated areas would “chip in” now to do their work too.

Like it or not, the results aren’t permanent, despite views and voices that said they are permanent.

Know the Truth about Tumescent

  • The surgeon or those who have undergone tumescent liposuction – they can sing all the praises they want but as an informed and discerning individual, you must make it a point to know the real truth.
  • Liposuction (tumescent or not) isn’t medically necessary.
  • I personally don’t favor it, neither should you.
  • Exercise and eat healthy – that’s the most natural form of remedy for blasting away excess fat.
  • What exercise and diet can’t do? Help you accept your body as it is.

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