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Types of Contraception


There are various types of contraception. Contraception is medications and other ways to prevent pregnancy. The different types of contraceptives range from male condoms to birth control pills and even surgical procedures to prevent pregnancy. Many forms of contraceptives have been used for centuries to prevent pregnancy. Some birth control plans have a more effective rate than others. It is a good idea to combine more than one form of birth control with another to ensure the most protection available. For example if you choose to use the birth control pill combine that with the use of condoms for the most protection.

Who Should Use Contraceptives

Anyone who is trying to avoid pregnancy should be using some form of birth control or contraceptives. The type of contraceptive that you choose to use should be an informed and personal decision. Many people make their decisions based on religion, medical history and future plans.

Hormonal Contraceptives

One of the most common forms of contraception is the birth control pill. This form of birth control has been around for years. Birth control pills became very popular in the 1960′s and 1970′s. Their popularity continued to grow. There are many types of birth control pills now. There are different doses of birth control pills. Hormonal birth control is even known available in a patch, implants, insert ring and injectable shot. The use of hormonal contraceptives is a very popular choice for many women. There are risks associated with hormonal contraceptives including the increased risk of heart disease, blood clots and higher blood pressure. This form of contraception does not provide protection from sexually transmitted diseases, but can be easily reversed if pregnancy should become desirable.

Barrier Contraceptives

The most common barrier contraception is the male condom. This form of contraception has also been around for a very long time. Currently most male condoms are made from latex although other materials can be used to make condoms since some people are allergic to latex. The latex male condom is 98% effective and not only prevents pregnancy but also prevent the spread of STD’s. The spread of STD’s and pregnancy are prevented by trapping the male’s sperm inside of the latex condom. It is important to handle the condoms with care to prevent tearing and slippage.

Female condoms are also another type of barrier contraception. These are not as commonly used and can have insertion difficulties. The only draw backs to this form of birth control are that it has a less effective rate at 85%-95%. There is also the possibility of tearing or splitting of the condom and it slipping out of place during intercourse.

Diaphragm is another type of barrier contraception. It is inserted into the vagina and covers the entrance into the womb. This method is only 80% effective when used alone but when used in combination with spermicidal it can be up to 96% effective against pregnancy.

Contraceptive Devices

An IUD is one form of contraceptive devices used today. This device is inserted into the womb preventing the fertilization of the eggs. It does not protect against STD’s but can be used as an emergency contraception in case of accidental pregnancy. This device is 99% effective against preventing pregnancy. It does have a few side effects. It can cause ectopic pregnancies, and miscarriages. It can also cause pain and discomfort as well as a possible infection within the first 20 days of insertion.

Alternative Contraception

There are alternative methods to birth control that have been used for centuries. These methods are not as effective as modern day contraceptives but are a good alternative for those who prefer to not take medication to prevent pregnancy.

Natural family planning or the calendar method is one way to prevent pregnancy. This method is more often used to calculate when a woman would most likely become pregnant to help ensure pregnancy but can also be used effectively to prevent pregnancy. You will have to be very organized and detailed to use this method of birth control. You will need to keep track of where your body is in the three phases of fertility. There are two infertile phrases and one fertile phase. Sex must be avoided during the fertile phase.

The next alternative method is the pull out method. This is also not the safest method of contraception. In this method the male simply removes himself from the female before ejaculation. Obviously not the most accurate form of contraception but it can be used effectively with condoms. This method is flawed because of the chance of human error and the fact that a small amount of sperm can be released prior to ejaculation.

Surgical Contraceptive Procedures

There are several procedures that can be performed to prevent conception. These procedures should be considered permanent contraceptives even though they maybe reversible.

The first procedure is the tubal ligation. This procedure is performed on the female. It prevents the eggs from traveling through the fallopian tubes to reach the point they are fertilized by the sperm. The failure rate of this procedure is .14%. There are several ways this procedure can be performed which will depend on the surgeon and the patient. This procedure can be reversed with a success rate of 75-85%. This procedure should be considered permanent even though there is a reversal procedure.

Vasectomy is the next surgical procedure that can be performed to prevent pregnancy. This procedure is performed on the male and should also be considered permanent. In this procedure the vas deferens is cut and tied to prevent the sperm from leaving the body. It does not affect the sexual performance of the male and can be successfully reversed in some cases.

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