Thursday, October 29, 2020

Ultra Sonic Healing


Ultra Sonic, which is another name for Ultrasound, is actually a type of therapy that employs high frequency sound waves. We’ve used Ultrasound for sometime now to see beyond the skin of the human body. In healing, however, this type of therapy is traditionally used for the healing of deep tissue problems and injuries, but new research suggests that it can also be used to heal the bones as well. You might think of an ultrasound as a test that a doctor performs, after applying gel to your skin. Ultrasound therapy works much the same way, but it isn’t for testing purposes.

How is Ultra Sonic Healing Used for Deep Tissue?

After the gel is applied to the skin, at the location where the injury is, the doctor will use a small metal device, often referred to as a wand, to either massage the area, or put a device on the area so that the heat from it can penetrate deeply into the muscle tissue. Generally, the doctor or physical therapist should keep the wand moving, so that the procedure isn’t uncomfortable for you, however.

Depending on where the injury to the tissue is, the doctor or physical therapist will determine how much frequency to use during the procedure. Again, depending on the injury to the tissue or muscle, the number of times that the treatment is needed will vary, but each session will only last five to fifteen minutes.

The Benefits

Research suggests that ultrasound can be used to increase the blood flow in the area where it is applied. It can also help to increase collagen, which is extremely important not only to the skin, but to the underlying ligaments and tendons, including the ligaments and tendons that are hidden deep within the muscles. This type of therapy can also reduce swelling and inflammation, and can greatly aid in the reduction of the physical symptoms of stress, such as muscle tension.

Ultra Sonic & Bone Fractures

It is because ultrasound can be used to heal deep ligaments and tendons in muscles that it can also be used to heal ligaments and tendons that help to connect bones together. Furthermore, it is believed that ultrasound has the ability to fuse simple fractures, enabling them to heal quickly. Just as different frequency settings are used for tissue, the same is true for bone, as is the number and length of the sessions required for Ultra Sonic Healing.

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