Saturday, September 19, 2020

Is Ultrasonic Cavitation (Liposuction) Surgery Safe?


The Ugly

Ultrasonic cavitation liposuction can cause burns, blisters, scars, blood clots and peripheral nerve injury…

It’s a procedure using high-pitched sound waves to liquefy fat in a specific area before the surgeon removes it.

The sound waves initiate fat removal by transmitting the ultrasonic waves to a thin, vacuum-like tube known as canula.

When the cannula comes into contact with the fat cells, they quickly liquefy and hence make it easier for the surgeon to suck them out.

Surgeons normally use it to remove fat that’s hard to treat, such as fat in the neck, chin, cheeks, knees, calves and ankles.

He or she also uses it to cover areas that need more precise treatment such as the abdomen, the midsection (love handles) and also areas previously treated with liposuction, for purpose of additional contouring.

It sure sounds “attractive” and “effective” enough but the ugliness it causes could be untold.

Ultrasonic Cavitation Safety

Wait till I highlight the dangers and risks of this technique and you judge yourself whether it’s a treatment you would like to do, or not.

1. Unsafe

How unsafe?

One study conducted on 250 patients undergoing this technique had these “frightening stats”:

  • 3 cases of skin necrosis (death) – 1.2%
  • 28 cases of postoperative seromas – 11.2%
  • 35 cases of Reston foam blisters – 14%

2. Burns and Scars

The ultrasonic waves produce large amount of heat during ultrasonic treatment.

This can cause higher risk of burns, scars and blisters in the skin and in cell tissues.

In addition, the canula with the transmitted ultrasonic waves could damage cells in the surrounding areas, if the surgeon isn’t skillful and experienced enough.

3. Blood Clots

Ultrasonic liposuction causes blood clots in the small blood vessels because it produces heat and raises the temperature of treated fatty tissue.

It also increases the temperature within the blood vessels that supply the overlying skin.

The increased temperature within blood vessels causes blood clots within the vessels. If the blood vessels that supply an area of skin with oxygen becomes blocked by clots, then the skin will die.

Oh, what an ugly thing…

4. Injury to Peripheral Nerves

People who undergo ultrasonic cavitation seem to experience an increased incidence of prolonged numbness consistent with injury to sensory nerves.

(P/S: Literature on neurosurgery has documented the injurious effects of ultrasound on peripheral nerves)

5. Seromas

Ultrasonic treatment increases the formation of seromas in 15% to 70% of people undergoing it due to slow moving of the canula through fat or using too much ultrasonic energy which causes damage to surrounding tissues.

(Note: A seroma is a fluid-filled cavity beneath the skin containing serum (clear yellow fluid) that can persist for weeks or months)

6. A Tool that Decreases Surgeon’s Workload but Increases your Risk

Many surgeons believe that ultrasonic cavitation isn’t a replacement for traditional liposuction but rather it’s a complimentary tool to decrease their workload during treatment, especially in fibrous areas or with large treated areas.

So, it looks like it’s to the surgeon’s advantage and not to your advantage and protection.

Set you thinking, huh?

My Conclusion

Well, taking all the above-mentioned risks into consideration, I would advise you not to go for the ultrasonic cavitation or for liposuction surgery, for that matter.

  • It may sound “cool” – ultrasonic—
  • But the risks are “frightening”…
  • If it isn’t medically necessary, why risk your body and life?
  • If fat’s your concern, do your very best to exercise and eat healthy and if this can’t help to take care of the fat, accept it as it is.
  • You got to have your own healthy body image, which you feel comfortable with.
  • Don’t go according to “impossibly glamorous” and unhealthy body images of movie stars and celebrities…

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