Friday, November 27, 2020

Connective Tissue And Reduction Of Cellulite


Today you’re going to discover why restoring weak Connective Tissue is so critical to the Cellulite Reversal process. You’ll also learn how you can start restoring your Connective Tissue today to reduce lumps, dimples and mushy cellulite.

I’ve prepared 3 things you can do to restore your Connective Tissue, resulting in your cellulite problem areas becoming tighter, smoother and firmer….

  • 3 Foods That Fight Cellulite Under Your Skin… so any cellulite lumps and dimples begin to even out and look and feel smoother
  • Plus, you’re going to get The Cellulite-Causing Foods You Must Avoid… these foods can make getting rid of cellulite virtually impossible for you – so you must avoid them at all costs!
  • And… one of the best Cellulite Fighting Weapons that literally goes to war for you fighting cellulite 24 hours per day, while restoring weak or damaged Connective Tissue.

Connective Tissue is like the “glue” that holds everything together. It forms the Collagen Barrier between the muscle and fat on one side, and your skin on the other.

When this tissue gets weakened or damaged, globules of fat bulge through unevenly causing mushy cellulite. What’s worse… once this happens fluids build up and often get trapped, resulting in gel-like water, mushy fat and what’s known as Cellulite Build-Up.

The longer your Connective Tissue remains weakened, the worse your cellulite will become…

That’s why it’s critical you start today to restore your Connective Tissue to stop cellulite dead in it’s tracks…

First, the 3 foods that fight cellulite under your skin forcing your lumps and dimples to smooth out by restoring your Connective Tissue, strengthening the Collagen Barrier and STOPPING fat from bulging out unevenly!


Blueberries are one of the greatest health foods of all time, and they’re perfect for combatting cellulite. Because Blueberries protect Connective Tissue by killing enzymes and free radicals that are attacking it. If you don’t kill these attackers, your Connective Tissue will continue to become weaker and weaker and resulting in your cellulite becoming lumpier, mushier and more and more disgusting!


Blackberries are another berry that works hand in hand with Blueberries to protect your Connective Tissue. Plus: Blackberries actually enhance your Collagen production which helps form new Connective Tissue and strengthens the Collagen Barrier. When your Collagen Barrier is strong and healthy, fat and fluids will not be able to bulge through causing lumps and dimples… which means your cellulite will be brought to a grinding halt! As your problem areas begin to smooth over.


Now I totally understand if you might not like Broccoli, many of the women I work with say the same. Yet, if you do like Broccoli or you can find a way add it to your diet… you can prevent the hardening of Collagen Connective Tissue. When Collagen hardens it becomes weak and vulnerable, which can allow fat and fluids to bulge through it causing cellulite. Eating Broccoli protects against this while providing one of the best sources of cellulite-fighting calcium.

Eating these 3 foods is a great start and will help protect and restore your Connective Tissue beginning the Cellulite Reversal process. And, when you combine these foods with a few others that you can get today, you maximize their cellulite-fight capabilities, fighting cellulite even faster and smoothing out your problem areas.

Now, here are the Cellulite-Causing Foods you must avoid because they weaken and damage your Connective Tissue, causing cellulite.

Processed Foods

You’ve probably heard many reasons why processed foods should be avoided as much as possible… yet, did you know that the harmful chemicals in processed foods damage your Connective Tissue? That’s right, the pesticides, preservatives and all the other synthetic ingredients are one of the leading causes of your cellulite, because they damage the very Connective Tissue that prevents fat and fluids bulging through. When your Connective Tissue is damaged due these processed foods, there is no support and cellulite lumps and dimples begin to appear.

Some of the worst offenders are; processed meats and cheese slices, condiments in the little plastic packets, anything deep fried… and hey, even some of the foods you probably think are healthy, like mass produced “health bars” for example which have been processed to prolong shelf-life.

Now, for one of the best Cellulite Fighting Weapons…


These are like little soldiers that go out killing free radicals, neutralizing agents and protecting your Connective Tissue. The more you have the faster your Connective Tissue barrier will strengthen… when that happens there will be no way for fat or fluids to bulge through causing cellulite… instead… your barrier will be strong and healthy, providing smooth support for your skin with no more lumps or dimples!

Now listen – these are just some of the ways that you can gain an unfair advantage over your cellulite. These tips help restore weak Connective Tissue which will help to smooth-out your lumps and dimples.

And, as important as restoring your Connective Tissue is (and it really is very important!) there are 2 other equally important steps that you need too.

You see, once you’ve restored the Collagen Barrier which separates your muscle and fat on one side and your skin on the other… it prevents any more fat or fluids bulging through. HOWEVER, even after this is complete there is still Cellulite Build-Up that must be flushed, drained and reduced.

AND, you must also reverse Muscular Atrophy so your problem areas become firm and tight, with no more mushy lumps, dimples or sagging skin!


  1. Lucia Norton

    the connective tissue i am finding out is really important to understand and is one of the first steps in getting rid of cellulite. you need to know that the fat cells are enlarging and there are ways to reduce the appearance of it. am doing different exercise moves that are in line with firming and helping me lose the cellulite on my legs.

  2. Lory

    Ugh processed foods are the worst.
    During my freshman year I only ate take-out and bullshit bought from the store. I had never had cellulite before, but in only three months I managed to make my legs look like cottage cheese TT_TT
    After I quit I (almost) returned to my former cellulite-free self. Seriously, this article speaks truth – junk food is the devil!

  3. Christina

    Wow, berries really are power food. Really informative post, I’ll make sure to eat more of these foods from now on.

    I think fighting cellulite shouldn’t boil down to just food thought. Your article should be used by women like myself as a starter dish hahaha. The main course should be skin massages and working out a little every day.

    5 minutes of squatting really helped reduce my cellulite, for example. Now, with this food list, I will overcome it and banish it from my body forever! 😀

  4. Anonymous

    Very informative post! For the first time I was able to order all the information out in my head and understand whats really happening. Thanks!

  5. Steph

    I love blueberries in my protein shakes. These foods are so easy to get in your diet that there really is no excuse.

  6. Kayla

    I’m so happy I read this article. It will be no punishment to me to make sure I pack my diet full of all those lovely antioxidants as I love fruit.
    I love how you explain how it works instead of just telling us we should eat them.

  7. Lena

    I have been trying for the last two or three years to get rid of some cellulite and I can’t say that I managed to do it so good . Let’s see what happens from now on ..

  8. Liv

    This time I will do it! Everytime I try to make changes and I can’t follow through. This time I will. Thank you a lot for your big help !!

  9. Lyla

    Hello. I would like to ask if there was any decent substitutes to the berries – I hate them and I doubt that the broccoli on its own will be enough. I suppose I could force myself to eat them if I need to though to reduce cellulite.

  10. Violet

    I am so glad I found this webpage. I have had problems with cellulite for a long time and was just researching how I can improve the situation. I had never heard of antioxidants before. Guess it is time to start getting healthier in general too.

  11. Nevaeh

    Nice selection of foods to be eating to help with the situation. I find I eat a lot of them anyway. My main issue is the need to cut down on the processed foods.

  12. Paula

    For the past few years, I have really been trying to cut down on processed foods. Very glad I did!

  13. Kathy

    I eat blueberries every morning. They taste good, and I feel healthy when I eat them! It gives me a great start to my day.

  14. Gianna

    Anyone knows that processed foods are bad for you but I honestly didn’t have a clue they can cause cellulite. I’m doing my best and following a clean diet 90% of the time and have a cheat meal once in a while because it helps be cut down on unnecessary, unhealthy snacks.

  15. Maya

    I just saved your image that lists all the antioxidants and I’ll do my best to make some of these foods a staple for my diet. I don’t have severe cellulite but it’s starting to show and it’s really freaking me out! I cut down sodas and sweets and I’m trying to implement some fitness into my routine so I can prevent any future dimples.

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