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Universal Contour Wrap


Based on extensive research into the benefits of minerals used in many traditional spa therapies the Universal Contour Wrap was developed by Dr. Richard Strem as a natural therapy with many benefits.

woman wrapped head to toe

Benefits of the Contour Wrap

The universal contour wrap cleanses, exfoliates and tightens your skin. This is beneficial for people who want to tone as they lose weight or who want to lose inches in designated places first when dieting.  It is a fast way to lose inches for a special occasion and improve your shape.  Body wraps are effective for those who have excess bulk in their mid sections and want to lose inches in that area.  This process can assist you to lose as many as 6 to 14 inches overall in your body measurements with one treatment.

It detoxifies your body. The minerals and clays used in these treatments draw toxins and impurities from your body while infusing it with minerals that improve the health of your skin. The treatment can also help eliminate or reduce unsightly cellulite and stretch marks.  The minerals used are beneficial for helping to breakdown fatty deposits and flush them from the body.  Body wraps have also been effective as treatments for those who suffer from eczema and psoriasis.

Before and After Your Wrap

Before having a body wrap you will need to increase your fluid intake.  In the days following your treatment you will also need to drink more fluids.  There are some drinks and foods that you should try to avoid or reduce such as coffee, tea, carbonated drinks, alcohol, sugar, salt, fried foods, and foods high in fat.  It is also recommended that tobacco products should be avoided.  By avoiding these you enable your body to continue to flush out more toxins.

The Wrapping Process

The Universal Contour Wrap takes approximately 2 hours to complete.  You begin with being measured.  Then your body is wrapped by a therapist with elasticized bandages which have been presoaked in a warm clay solution full of beneficial minerals.  Once you are wrapped you only need to lay back and relax.  The bandages will tone and sculpt your body while infusing your skin with healthy minerals and drawing out harmful toxins.  The wraps will be removed by the therapist and you are able to shower off.  Keep in mind that the process continues to work for a few days following the treatment and you should follow the guidelines suggested by your therapist to get the optimal effects of each treatment.

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