Thursday, September 24, 2020

Unprocessed Vegan Foods


Everyone knows that for optimal health, we need to eat more whole, unprocessed foods. But not everyone knows how simple this can be!

I love whole foods, I love that they are so delicious on their own with out using anything to manipulate the flavor, nature got it right the FIRST time, we don’t need to help out nature by adding processed ingredients to unprocessed foods.

There are so many great combinations you can use – just using whole foods, here are a few to get you started.

Breakfast ideas

Fruit salad with some chopped walnuts or ground flax seed.

Quinoa: warm or cold with some chopped up fruit, you can add flax seed or walnuts if you like.

Oatmeal: with some fresh fruit, a few walnuts or flax seed.

Black bean scramble: Black beans, chopped vegetables, topped with no salt added salsa. Pan “fry” in a big pan using water instead of oil or spray.

Greens: I’m wierd. Let’s just get that out of the way. I like steamed kale with nutritional yeast for breakfast.

Breakfast tacos: black beans, greens, salsa on a corn tortilla.

Occasional treat: tofu scramble with tons of veggies.

Lunch/Dinner ideas: *Add kale whenever possible 

Salad is always an easy choice, use lots of fresh vegetables! I like topping salad with homemade salsa or a homemade hummus. You can add beans and seeds/nuts as well.

Hummus and veggies. Make your own hummus so it is fat free – just chickpeas, add water in the blender as needed, lemon, garlic and nutritional yeast. Serve with raw chopped veggies.

Soup! I LOVE soup. You can dream up all kinds of soup ideas and you can add lots of greens to them! One of my favorites is to take well cooked cauliflower, (1-2 heads) some water, some spices and blend or use a mixer. We add all kinds of vegetables and greens – it’s a very creamy soup.

Chili: Diced tomatoes, vegetables and beans – that’s all you need.. .and a few hot pepper spices if you are daring.

Quinoa salad: cooked quinoa, beans, vegetables.

Rice and beans: Probably one of the easiest things you can do. Just brown rice, beans, vegetables and low sodium salsa. Use big lettuce leaves for “taco shells”.

Collard wraps: I boil collard greens for about 5 minutes (after removing the stem) before I use them for wraps. I like to stuff them with all kinds of veggies – and I love using “cauliflower rice”.

To make cauliflower rice – grate cauliflower or put in a food processor. When it is grated and looks kind of like rice, put it in a shallow pan with some water until it is soft, but not mushy.

Add cauliflower rice to beans, vegetables, spices and then put the mixture on top of the big leaves and roll up!

Vegetable sushi: Use short grain brown rice or use cauliflower rice. Add in cucumber, peppers and if you like, a little avocado.

Sweet potato and toppings: My favorite is to add steamed kale and black beans, it is delicious and simple.

Zucchini pasta: Slice zucchini with a vegetable slicer to make thin long slices. Top with chickpeas, diced tomatoes, italian seasonings and a little nutritional yeast.

Portobello Fajitas: Slice mushrooms, peppers, onions and add to a shallow pan with a little water – cook with salt free spices. Serve on top of brown rice, and top with shredded cold greens, low sodium salsa and a few slices of avocado.

Fancy taco salad: This is one of my favorite things to make. On a bed of dark leafy greens add chopped veggies, beans, butter nut squash (cut up) or sweet potato (cut up), top with salsa. It is SO tasty.



You can also make sorbet just by using frozen fruit or a little fruit and ice.

Frozen banana makes a great “ice-cream” blend frozen bananas and frozen cherries, and you have a really nice cherry ice-cream. Add a little water to make it easier to blend.

Dates: just pitted dates make a delicious dessert – to me they taste like caramel. Want to get really fancy? Cut them down the middle, and put a little bit of almond butter (unsalted, unsweetened). Delicious!

You don’t need any fancy recipes to have a healthy plant-strong menu every day! Challenge yourself to have 1-2 days a week of being unprocessed… and then challenge yourself to see if you can do it 3,4,5,6 and 7 days a week! I promise, you will feel fantastic, and the more you do it, the easier it gets and the tastier it becomes.

Speaking of unprocessed – if you would like a recipe book filled with some AMAZING vegan, gluten free (and lots of raw) recipes that are all completely unprocessed? This is a really good easy vegan cookbook. I highly recommend it. There are even recipes for tortes, truffles, lasagna, tacos, nachos and more


  1. Patricia

    I was at Whole Food yesterday and picked up some Salba. The fellow who was “demonstrating” the salba said that it was better for women than flax seeds because it doesn’t affect the estrogen the same as flax seed does. Have you heard anything about that?

    He also said that it doesn’t flavor foods at all, which apparently flax will.

    Thanks for the great ideas, can’t wait to try then out! I’m so glad I “met” you through DGMS.


  2. rachel

    Great ideas!! I just made the Lentil Tacos and holy yum! I wrapped them up in a collard wrap with quinoa, sprouts and avocado, so good and so easy. Thanks!!! I highly recommend the cookbook.

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