Sunday, December 6, 2020

Upper Body Exercises For Women Who Want To Look And Feel Great


Having a nice toned upper body feels great. But, while one of the hardest places for us women to tone is the upper body, there are a few exercises that you can do.

You shouldn’t attempt to lift very heavy weights and do super intensive workouts and exercises, if you aren’t conditioned for it. While some women have been training “like men” and have scorching bodies… it doesn’t mean that you should just try and do what they do, without the adequate training.

That being said, lifting heavier weights and doing big compound exercises like squats and deadliest are effective and getting a toned sexy body. Contrary to what many women believe training like that does not make you very muscular. You actually can’t get very muscular because your hormones will not allow it. The women you see with big muscular bodies have injected testosterone and other hormones to get that way.

These easy exercises are a great way to start. They work efficiently to tone saggy arms, define the neck and shoulders and increase upper body strength. You don’t have to be a gym buff or go at all to start, but you should warm up before embarking on any kind of exercise to avoid injury.

Once you have mastered these, you can go onto bigger exercises like weighted squats for a super sexy body!

Push Up:

The first type of exercise useful for toning the muscles of the upper body is push-ups. They also can help to tone up the abdominal area if done correctly. If you already exercise you should incorporate push-ups depending on your fitness levels to get your upper body in shape. The recommended amount to do for the best results is between ten and twenty to start with. As your fitness levels on strength increase you should be able to add more to your regime.

Easy push ups:

A lot of women find doing push-ups in the regular way difficult, but there is another method you can try. That is to hold your body straight, ensuring that your knees instead of your toes are on the floor. Your arms should as with the regular kind lift the weight. They are just as effective but easier to do.

Tricep dips:

Tricep dips are also effective as they tone the back of the arm which with weight gain and age can become lose and look flabby (commonly called bingo wings). For this exercise you will need a stable chair. Sit yourself on the chair and use the strength in your arms to lift up your body weight. You should place your hands on the chair aligned with your hips. Hold yourself off the chair with your arms for as long as possible and then slowly bring it back down and repeat.

As with sit ups you should start off at a level that feels comfortable to you and then build up over time. Do not try to do too many to start with as you could cause injury.

Bicep Curls:

Bicep curls are also efficient. If you don’t go to the gym you can buy a set of dumbbells relatively cheaply or make your own by filling empty plastic bottles with sand or water. You can do this standing or sitting but should ensure that throughout you keep your spine straight. Sit with the dumbbells placed in your hands with your palms up and curl your arm up towards your chest. You should lift them in a controlled and slow way for optimum effect and bring arms back down in the same manner. Both the lifting and setting back of the dumbbells will help to improve the tone. To get results that are even you should combine the curls with tricep dips.

Raise those dumbbells:

You don’t need to purchase anything further for the next exercise which is dumbbell raises. These are effective in strengthening and defining the shoulder area. You will need to stand for this one keeping your spine straight. Part your feet so that they are the same width apart from one another as your shoulders. Hold the dumbbells in your hands at either side of your body and take it in turns with the palm faced downward to lift one arm to a right angle and hold in that position for about 20 seconds. While doing so, you should slightly bend your knees. Return to your starting position and when half way there begin the exercise on the other one. Start with about 10 repetitions and build the amount over time as you get stronger.

Do these exercises 3 times per week for 8 weeks. Then, begin to progress to bigger compound movements which will work all your muscles in conjunction. Exercises like squats are some of the best you can do for overall fat burning and body toning.


  1. Sally

    Push-ups have never been a friend of mine since college, but I’ve tried to do them from time to time but they are really hard. I recently started doing them while staying on my knees like it’s suggested here and I finally feel like doing push-ups and they are actually really fun. Great tips!

  2. Rita Marcus

    Pushups are the absolute best exercise ever for both men and women! I’ve started doing them 2 years ago and back then I couldn’t even do 1 correctly! Now I can do 20 or so in one rep and my body feels stronger and fitter than it ever was. I feel all my muscles working when I do them and they are tempting to do all the time. Usually I wake up and get 20 pushups done in a flash. Pushups are the way to go, ladies!

  3. melanie

    The first couple weeks of this workout are the hardest part. Then it becomes second nature and your body craves it. It does get easier the longer you do it; I started at only 15 pushups two weeks ago and now I can do 45 without stopping!

  4. Gemma

    It is my dream to do 25-30 push ups continuously. But hardly I can bare 6-8. So as you suggested I tried to do it by knee on floor and then I can do it properly, after 2 month I can do regular 15 push ups and now my next target is of 30 🙂

  5. Annelise

    These are absolutely perfect! I always wanted that toned look in my upper body, but there’s so much information out there that I never knew what exercises to pick!

    I really like what you suggested – they seem easy and efficient, and I can’t wait to do them all daily and get results! How awesome 😀

  6. Emily Knight

    Shannon I used to struggle with pushups too but keep at them. I can do 20 of them now!

  7. Marianne

    Tricep dips are really good for “opening up the shoulders” too. They help you keep flexibility while getting stronger and, inevitably looking better.

  8. Shannon

    Argh! Push ups are such hard work. I can barely push 5 of them out before I fall on the floor.

  9. Wendy

    I’ve been so unmotivated to work out this winter. Thanks for all these tips…I’m going to have to start living a more fit lifestyle. Squats leave me so sore! But it’s a good sore:)

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