Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Vacuum Suction


Vacuum Suction healing, more commonly known as Cupping, is one of the many healing techniques used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The concept and use of cupping is quite ancient, but is regaining its popularity today, especially in Western Culture.

What exactly is Vacuum Suction?

Using cups made of bamboo or glass, a massage therapist or a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, will apply the cups to specific areas of the body – typically on the back – causing a suction to take place. Even after there is sufficient suction, the practitioner or therapist may move the cups slightly for greater effect. In most cases, even after some movement, the cups will be left on the skin for a period of time – determined by what the goal is.

When the cups are removed, there will be purple marks where the suctioning took place, and they will be the shape of the cup. These may look like bruises, but they generally disappear in a few days, and they cause no pain for the most part, although some people do experience mild soreness after their first cupping experience.

While most practitioners and massage therapists will use actual cups for this process, some will use more modern suction devices in place of cups. These more modern devices are no more effective than the traditional cups that are used.

What Are the Benefits?

Cupping can be used to treat conditions such as arthritis and injuries to the deep muscle tissue and joints, but it is also believed to relieve the symptoms of asthma, colds, skin afflictions, and so much more. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, different sizes and shapes of cups are used in accordance with the different ailments that clients report.

It is also believed that the suction draws the skin up, opens the pores, and allows toxins to leave the body more easily. It is believed that this method moves the blood and the Qi together, bringing warmth, coolness, dryness, or dampness wherever the cups are applied, depending on what is needed in that location.

Where Can I Get Vacuum Services?

While this type of healing is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, you don’t have to visit a trained TCM practitioner to receive these services. Many massage therapists have learned this healing technique, and you can obtain the services through those sources. However, it is essential that you first find out where the therapist learned their technique, and whether or not they are truly qualified to use this healing method effectively.

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