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Vanessa Hudgens: Weight Loss Detox Diet & Exerciss Plan


How does Vanessa Hudgens put weight on for movie parts, just to simply burn it off again?

For example, Vanessa gained weight for her part in the movie, Gimme Shelter. Fortunately with a solid exercise routine, consistent effort, and a good diet plan to match, Vanessa quickly shed the weight and got back in slim healthy shape.

Detox Diet Plan

The diet plan that Vanessa Hudgens is on is the Keto diet which is a fat based diet. That doesn’t mean any old fat though! For true Ketogenic diet results you need to eat good healthy fats like monounsaturated and polyunsaturates found naturally in things like Avocado and Olive oil.

What the Keto diet does is burn fats for fuel instead of cars (which are stored glucose). The Keto diet can work really well for stars because what tends to happen is that when the body chooses to burn fat instead of relying on carbs, it seems to have the effect of burning body fat too.

So on the Keto diet plan what you do is you cut out almost all your carbohydrates and instead replace them with a high fat diet instead. This can work well for some and eb absolutely terrible for others so before jumping in and trying to copy Vanessa Hudgens’ results, you may want to consult a doctor. Or start with a 1-week trial period first to see how you go.

The Ketogenic diet can certainly work though. As it has for Vanessa who used it to lose ten pounds of fat in 30 days and continues to go Keto everyday since.

Workout Routine

For Vanessa Hudgens her workout routine is focused on three things kore than anything else and in union they have kept her in perfect shape.

They are, 1). SoulCycle. SoulCycle is a spinning class which is a very intensive fat burning workout with loud music and a very competitive atmosphere. Lucky for Vanessa she has a competitive side to her and so thrives in an environment where she is up against others to peddle as hard and fast as she can.

The next exercise Vanessa Hudgens does diligently, is 2). Pilates. Pilates includes using a variety of different fitness equipment and body weight exercises together along with flexibility. It is low impact and improves overall health, flexibility and a range of health factors all together in one workout.

The third exercise Vanessa likes to do, is 3). Yoga. Yoga classes have been the go-to exercise that Hollywood stars have been turning to for decades. It includes lots of of different poses called asanas which are united together in usually a 60 minute workout routine. Vanessa goes to every class and together with her Pilates and Spinning, stays in perfect body shape year round.

Vanessa Hudgens Comments

We always want to know more about the different diet plans celebrities are on for this site. What can you tell us about the diet and exercise plans Vanessa Hudgens is on?


  1. Elle

    I was reading that almost every day Vanessa Hudgens is eating and then fasting. She carries cans of a sparkling watermelon energy drink, kombucha. This kombucha is actually a really healthy drink full of probiotic “good bacteria”. She is also consistently eating , cashew cheese, almond milk, oat milk, eggs, avocados, ceviche, prawn cocktail.

    She has said that for her it’s about finding things thta are healthy AND TASTE GREAT! .. you can’t argue with that 🙂

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