Friday, September 18, 2020

Vegan Diet Results: 1 Year in This is My Experience


Sometimes I can’t get over how much has changed in a year for me. I’m currently sitting in a little beach house near the Ocean getting ready to go for a run while sipping on a green power smoothie. This seems normal for me, and a year ago getting ready to get out of bed would have been a challenge. So I thought I’d do a bit of a comparison of where I was a year ago and where I was today. I feel like there should be dark thunder clouds over the first part of this, you’ll just have to imagine that for yourselves, and when it gets to the happy part imagine rainbows and sunshine, because that’s what it’s all like.

A year ago:

We were living near DC thinking that we’d never be able to leave, and really it wasn’t a possibility since I was so sick all the time.

My diabetes was so out of control that nothing would help it.

I was working out 3-4 hours a day trying to get better.

I was on a very high protein “healthy” diet.

I had 2 trainers and a nutritionist.

I had arthritis in both of my feet, one more so than the other, and it caused severe pain.(from the diabetes)

I had nerve damage in the tops of both of my feet (from the diabetes)

I had a sores on my legs that would not heal, one severe enough that partial amputation was said more times than I will ever be comfortable with.

I was severely prepossessed.

My BP was always running high.

Despite a “healthy” diet my cholesterol was not lowering like it should.

I could never sleep.

I had severe panic especially at night, because I was terrified I would not wake up in the morning. (which was a possibility with the high sugar I was having)

I was constantly fighting with food, trying to fight cravings and food addictions.

I was constantly bloated and felt even more big than I was.

I was almost 100 pounds heavier.

I didn’t know anything about how my body worked.

I only trusted my doctors.

I was on 8 medications.

I had severe hormone problems, and was told that there was a very very small chance I’d ever have children.

I cried A LOT.

I thought there was no hope for me.

I knew nothing about the food and pharmaceutical companies at large.

I had never taken time to really understand the biology of how my body works.

I NEVER EVER thought that I could become a vegan, nor did I really want to, I thought it would be too extreme, too difficult to learn and not healthy for me.

TODAY *(CUE sunshine and rainbows)

We moved from DC and now travel full time to beautiful places… I don’t have to worry about my illness anymore.

My diabetes is completely in control and hopefully soon will be declared “reversed”

I still work out, but no longer have to 3-4 hours a day. I feel great with an hour, and burn all the calories I need to now.

I’m on a complete healthy plant based diet, and have moved to doing more and more raw foods. (okay, there IS the occasional vegan brownie, but it’s OCCASIONAL)

I have a support team of thousands of other vegans who have reached out and have helped me in so many ways, it would be another huge list.

I no longer have arthritis or nerve damage in my feet.

No more sores on the leg – when I get a cut on my leg now it heals with in days.

I no longer have hormone issues, and when I’m ready (like when I get the rest of the weight off) I can have children.

I am severely happy.So much so that when I got to sleep I can’t wait to wake up in the morning. Every day is like that now.

My BP is perfect , and my recovery time in work outs is in seconds.

My cholesterol is also perfect (that’s what you get for not eating cholesterol!)

I fall asleep and do not have panic anymore when I fall asleep.

I don’t fight with food or addictions anymore. Now I LOVE food and what it does for my body.

I don’t have the water retention issues that would cause my legs to “weep” and severe edema.

I am almost 100 pounds lighter.

I listen to doctors, but always research every thing that I can regarding my body.

I am on … NO medications. And I haven’t been sick in a year.

I am happy A LOT

I have done more research on food and companies that profit from illness than I probably ever wanted to learn. Following the money trail has helped change my life.

I’ve read books/journals to make sure that I understand my body and how it works, I don’t take it for granted anymore, or trust people to learn for me.

I can not imagine or even remember when I was not vegan, and think that it is the most fulfilling way I have ever consumed food. Being vegan has changed my entire perspective on life, and the lives of other creatures, has made me aware of things that I did not know I needed to be aware of. When I say that it has changed every thing, I truly mean it.

I now know there is HOPE not just for me, I’ve met thousands of people who have had transformations even more than I have. Every day I meet people who can not believe how they lived before, and every day I’m more thankful that I took the time to really research and discover what living on a plant based diet was all about, and most of all, I learned it wasn’t  all about me! It was about millions of beautiful living creatures and it was about this beautiful Earth we live on.


  1. Christina

    You are a true inspiration. Good for you! Keep up the amazing work. We love to hear about your improved health and how fulfilling you have found a vegan lifestyle to be. Brava!

  2. opia

    It’s totally amazing and I congratulate you on the positive changes you’ve made in your life. Your story is an inspiration to others, regardless of their personal circumstances.

    My only question is—and forgive me if you feel this isn’t the appropriate place for it—in a vastly-overpopulated world whose population will soon be 7 billion, why is it still so important to some people to have their “own” children rather than adopt?

  3. Nat

    I WISH we could adopt! I would do so in a heart beat. Unfortunately because of my previous illness it makes it close to impossible. I’ve met so many people who really want to be able to adopt, and have gone through the process for YEARS on end with no luck, the adoption system in our country (and others) is so messed up – it’s so sad because there are so many people who want to. Trust me when I say I’ve looked at every possibly avenue.

    I’m not sure if we will have a child, but I can only hope that if I bring a child into the world I will bring another person who is passionate about caring for other creatures, another person to stand up in the face of a lot of bad stuff going on. I think for some having a child is important to them, something deep and biological for some – something that is just a really heartfelt matter. Being adoption or having their own.

    thanks 🙂

  4. Beth

    Beautiful list!!!

    I also want to add, my husband and I tried to adopt for 5 years and were heart broken over and over and over. It is a horrible process to go through. We are good people, and have so much love to give, but the process became so overwhelming and horrible. It got to the point where I was going to not be able to physically have a child, and I just wanted to raise a child, it never had to be my own, but I so badly wanted to be a mother. Call it a very strong biological clock? I’d cry for hours because of the feeling. We decided to have a baby, after one more final attempt to adopt. We had already gone into debt trying various avenues, and had fostered. Now we have a beautiful, healthy, vegan little girl who is perfect in every way. We’re raising her vegan and she already tells her classmates that it’s not nice to eat animals! I can’t imagine life with out her.
    I’d tell anyone if it’s possible to adopt absolutely to do that. But I wouldn’t put anyone down for having their own child, in the light of what we went through I completely understand. Unfortunately I know hundreds of people who have gone through the same thing. Having a child is beautiful and fulfilling in every case.

  5. cristy

    You are an inspiration to me, one I truly need right now. I went veg well over a year ago, but still struggle with my weight. I lost quite a bit, but put it back on when I went through a really tough time at the beginning of this year. I just felt lost. Reading your posts is pulling me out of that. I am so grateful.

    I’m not looking for anyone else to change my life, I know it has to be me. I love love LOVE that you took charge and decided that just because people were medical “experts”, they don’t know everything, and they may not know what you need. It IS possible.

    Thank you again, for just being you and sharing your story.

  6. molly

    I just found your blog today from Fat Free Vegan, and as a vegan with type 1 diabetes, it made me really happy to read. Congratulations on everything you’ve accomplished.

  7. the vegan

    Congratulations! I am so happy that you are doing so well, and that you are a compassionate and eloquent advocate for the vegan lifestyle. I just discovered your blog and I am loving it.

  8. Hanlie

    You are truly an inspiration! I have so many of the same issues and am also working towards weight loss and fertility.

  9. Chuck

    That is great testimonial for the vegan diet. It is one of the best ones that I have come across. Was it type 1 or type 2 diabetes?

    I think that you should mention that on your story since there is a big difference between the two. It is the difference between a congenital disease and a lifestyle disease.

  10. Sara

    I felt the sunshine when you started talking about this year. I’ve seen those same rainbows.

    Thank you for being so positive about your choice to be vegan. It’s easy to find angry vegans, or defensive vegans. I’m still shy about being vegan, nervous that I’ll have to explain myself or my choices. But I do it because I love myself and the rest of the animals in the world. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. Thanks for the reminder of how empowering it is to choose a life of love instead of aggression or fear.

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