Sunday, May 26, 2019

Vegan Food Can Be Satisfying!


I’m always puzzled why people don’t think eating a plant based diet is satisfying. I’m even more puzzled when people associate salads and only salads with being vegan. It’s because I’ve done this for a little while now, and I know some of the secrets. Things that you may not know if you are not vegan, or thinking about going vegan. Things that might make you think twice about being vegan… And I’m not talking about the horror of the food industry – really, is that a secret anymore?

Nope, I’m going to talk about good stuff for the next few posts. Some of the things I’m going to cover regarding the secrets that vegans know:

Grocery stores have tons of vegan stuff – and every grocery store has ONE section of ALL vegan stuff.

Vegans eat plenty of cheesy stuff – PLENTY and it tastes JUST as good as whatever it is you think you might miss.

Vegans have breakfast scramble WITH sausage sometimes.

Vegans eat waffles! And other tastiness like waffles.

Vegans eat dessert. Some of us eat too much dessert, but needless to say that every dessert you can dream up can be veganized, and will be better than whatever you think you might miss.

Vegans eat hearty food. That’s right, burgers, chilli, whatever you think of as hearty can be easily vegan. EASILY.

Vegans can eat out ! There are so many great vegan places, and even places that aren’t vegan strictly, but can be easily made to accommodate anything.

Vegans eat lasagna! And pasta and stuffed shells and peppers.

Vegans are NOT scrawny… um Vegan Bodybuilders?

Vegans don’t all love salads.

Tastes and textures only change slightly when making something vegan. (sometimes it doesn’t change at all)

If you think that going vegan is giving up some kind of food that you just love, it doesn’t mean that all… It means you will find a new and better way to make it, and on top of that you will find so many new things you won’t know what to do with yourself.

Vegans eat a more varied diet than anyone else, it’s because we know about things that are just not advertised during the latest episode of Lost. (or found in the cooking segment of The Today Show)

Vegans know that veggies are not just for salad.

Vegans know that chocolate should never, ever be mucked up with pus and hormones.

Vegans know where all the awesome vegan spots are.

Vegans love you, yes YOU.

So… starting tomorrow, I’ll be covering these ‘secrets’ which aren’t really secrets, more so are just things that you learn as time goes on, and sometimes (if you are like me) KICK yourself for only eating salad, oatmeal and beans when you first go vegan because you didn’t know all of the wonderful things about eating a plant based diet.


  1. J.

    Love that truth about the supermarket! Someone just the other day was saying she didn’t like vegan food and I couldn’t control myself: I asked her why she didn’t like strawberries.

    And on the dessert front, I have to say that I’ve never really figured out how to make vegan pavlova. But other than that, all desserts have been lovely.


  2. Cristy

    If only vegan living WAS more limiting, I wouldn’t have a huge stack of recipes I want to try. I feel like each time I try a new one, there are 10 more added to the list! Before going veg, I wasn’t adventurous with cooking, really, at all. I never put onions or pepper in my food, I didn’t like the taste. Now I love it, so go figure. It’s like once I gave up meat and dairy and all that, food just looked different to me.

    There truly is a laundry list of things I didn’t know before going veg. Can’t wait to find out some more stuff, thanks (in advance) for the posts!

  3. Susan

    This is great, I know some people who definitely need to read this! When I first became vegan, I only ate a few different things because I didn’t know any other vegans and didn’t have easy internet access at the time to realise the variety. But then I soon figured out that being vegan is the best thing ever and actually frees you from the restricting view of what most omnis consider normal. Now I have things in my pantry that I had never even heard of before. And I eat better than I ever have, with more variety and amazing flavours. People jut need to open their eyes… and their minds!


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