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Vegan in Las Vegas!


So, you are heading to Vegas for a fun packed weekend and you want to be able to eat. Vegas has a billion places to eat, and if you are Vegan you might think that the city of sin just wouldn’t work out for you. Well, you’d be wrong. Of course it works, it’s Vegas,  everyone can have fun there!

So let’s talk hotels first.

If you don’t have to stay in one of the fancy themed hotels on the strip, and you’d like to save a lot of money and have a full (nice) kitchen? I’d HIGHLY recommend staying at the “Desert Rose” it is right off the strip – like you can see the MGM from the hotel lobby. The rooms are big, have a separate dining area, living room, bedroom and kitchen. The kitchen is the best thing for Vegans who are traveling, you can stock up and save money and not have to worry if you can’t get tofu scramble for breakfast.

*there are also no resort fees or wifi fees – extra bonus most of the strip hotels charge for both.

If you end up staying somewhere with out a kitchen – ask for a mini fridge, and just say that you have to have one in your room for medical reasons – and you won’t get charged like 20 extra dollars per day.

But you want to go out, right? I’ll take you to some of the best spots in Vegas for Vegans.. Mind you these are not ALL the spots, just some of the places I happen to like.

Whole Foods – on Las Vegas Blvd (right across from the airport)

When you walk into this Whole Foods, as soon as you turn to the right there is an entire wall of specialty raw foods. It made my day. Raw crackers, granola, smoothie makings, chocolate, chocolate, and did I mention chocolate? It was a good sign to me that I would be able to find lots of good things.

The Whole Foods, unfortunately like all of the Whole Foods has a horrible foods meat/dairy/eggs section, but I was impressed over the amount of good foods they do have. There is a hot food bar that is ALL vegan – so no flesh accidentally dropping into your Kung Pao Tofu! They also have a pizza making station where you can get Vegan pizza, WITH DAYIA! YAY! Next to the pizza, they have a pasta bar where you can get a totally vegan pasta dish – and you can also get it gluten free, if that is your thing. Also, just a note – this is the place where you can buy dayia- it’s right where the pasta/pizza station are.

Speaking of gluten free – there is an entire aisle for that as well. In the back of the store there is a small case in the bakery section that has a bunch of vegan desserts (even some raw ones). Not that far from there is a section that says “Vegas Vegetarians and Vegans!” and it’s stocked up with all kinds of tofu, mock meats, and cheeses, including a vegan blue cheese, that I didn’t try, but it was there and I made a note to tell you – it’s because I love you.

And of course, there is a big produce section. *Just a note, most grocery stores have these big sections they call them “produce” but they are also pretty much all vegan, go figure, an entire vegan section!

Oh, right, almost forgot – there are a bunch of vegan sorbet’s in the ice cream bar. If that’s your thing – ice cream. The store also carries vegan ice cream in the frozen section and at least 2 kinds of raw vegan ice cream (hooray!). You could probably be just fine just eating here, but perhaps you want to go out?

There is not any completely vegan restaurants in Vegas (that I found anyway) but there are a few that are really doing a great job making a good veg. effort on their menu. Let’s start with my favorite:Miko Sushi

It is a little off the strip area – but completely worth going to, and it’s also a great business to support. We got to talk to the owner, and he’s a great guy who is really making a huge effort to have a very vegan friendly menu. He is passionate about food, and making the best sushi, and it shows. We are big sushi fans, and honestly since becoming vegan, we just haven’t found anything that blew us away. Until Miko Sushi.

First, ask for the Vegetarian menu (which I believe is actually ALL vegan). There are TONS of things to choose from – it was almost overwhelming (in a good way). I’m used to just asking for a roll with cucumber because that’s all a place will have – but Miko? They have found the best and most creative rolls I’ve seen.

We went 2 times. The first time we started with Edamame (not on the veg. menu, so ask for it). I didn’t know that edamame could be made in a different way – but they add pepper, and OMG it’s so good that way! We also tried the Agedashi tofu – also SO good. Really good sauce and perfect tofu. For dinner my husband had the “Age Tofu” which he says was really delicious. The first night I went I had a Hawaiian roll – think pina colada – there was pineapple and a coconut sauce and avocado – and happiness. I loved the roll, and was surprised how well the flavors in a sushi roll worked so well together.

The next visit I tried the popeye roll – which was really amazing. The rolls are really big, and definitely a meal. We also tried the banana tempura. Banana tempura! It was so good, I’d say a must when visiting, but really it was just that extra cherry (or banana) on top of the very delicious and satisfying meal.

As I mentioned, the owner is so passionate about food, and making GOOD sushi, he told us about his recipes and their food preparation, and I can tell you, a lot of love goes into that food.

If you live in Vegas, please support this place! It’s a great spot, very neighborhood friendly, you won’t find slot machines or drunk people there, which is a nice change of pace from the crazy strip scene.

Some other places to check out:

  • Go Raw Cafe (there are 2 locations) I am a sucker for anything with kale
  • Red Velvet Cafe
  • The Burger Bar at Mandalay bay has a “Vegas Vegan Burger” it’s mostly just roasted veggies (portabello mushrooms with lots of tasty roasted veggies)
  • Ok, for the not so healthy vegan – Ronald’s Donuts (4600 W Spring Mountain Rd)

Yes, they have vegan donuts, some with cream inside of them. I didn’t tell you that though.

So go ahead, take a gamble and head to Vegas!


  1. Jack

    I was in Vegas a couple of times for workshops during the past few months, and Red Velvet and Go Raw were a great lifeline for delicious meals. Fortunately, many of the workshop participants were raw and/or vegan, and those who weren’t were open minded and enjoyed experimenting with new foods. Lots of carpools traveled from the Strip to the restaurants. 🙂


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