Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Vegan in Sedona, Arizona


We have been living in Jerome, Arizona for the past couple of months and absolutely loving it.

Jerome is a small town in between Sedona and Prescott. A town of 400 people with an amazing history. If you love art and hand crafted jewelry, it is the best city we have been to for that. The old buildings, the quirky shops, all of it makes it one of my favorite places. I highly suggest that you take a trip and visit the town. There is one vegan option in Jerome, but in nearby Sedona there are a bunch of options.

So when you go to Jerome check out Belgian Jennies Bordello Pizzeria- it’s a small Italian place – it’s a little tricky to find – if you head up the one way main street by foot past the Flat Iron Cafe, it is right behind it.

When you order tell them you are vegan, and they will be more than happy to help you out. The owner is VERY knowledgeable about vegan cooking and keeps every thing in the kitchen separate. “The Donna” is a great vegan pizza named after a wonderful vegan woman in Jerome who happens to be an artist at the 527 gallery. The pizza is great and the sauce is made especially for the vegan pizza. Expect it to take a little longer, because they make it all fresh and work hard to separate every thing so you are sure to get a good and safe vegan meal.

Ok, so there are not tons of options in Jerome – but it doesn’t matter, you will love the town.Not far from Jerome is one of our favorite places – Sedona, AZ. Sedona is known for it’s mystic healers, their vortex’s and of course the amazing red rocks. The views from everywhere are amazing. There are tons of hiking trails and paths to explore. And there are a few good options for vegans.


By far my favorite place in Arizona, and most of the south west. D’lish is a great vegan cafe right off of 89A. There is indoor and outdoor seating, and most of the year you can sit right outside. The menu is extensive and fantastic. There is every thing for any type of vegan. Raw gluten free? Check. Soy free? Check. Sweet tooth vegan? CHECK. My husband and I had a tradition of going on a long hike and then heading to D’Lish for lunch or early dinner. I’ve never had something I did not love.

My favorite dish is the Jamaican Jerk Burger. It is SO good. AND it was just featured in a Sedona magazine that featured the best burgers in Sedona. In amongst flesh burgers and greasy spoons was the fantastic Jamaican Jerk. And all of you vegans will be happy – they magazine started the article about it with “Vegetarians are people too”. I thought you should know, we’re people too. Good to know.

My husband also was a fan of the burgers – he loved the black bean burger with the chipolte spread.He is also a big fan of their raw kale chip – which they have lots of different flavors of.

I’ve tried a bunch of things at D’lish, and it is all good. You won’t be let down, in fact, I’d say it might be one of the highlights of your trip.

Chocolate Tree:

Now, I haven’t actually been inside Chocolate Tree. This is due to the fact they use a lot of nuts in their cooking or in this case uncooking, and my husband is deathly allergic to nuts. However, I have picked up a few things to-go and at the local organic market “New Frontiers”. If you like dessert, this is the place to go (well if you don’t have a nut allergy). The desserts are incredible. The menu is also very impressive, a lot to choose from.

New Frontiers Market:

It’s the local organic market. The deli has a few vegan options (as well as the bakery). If you are renting a place with a kitchen, this is a great place to stock up. AND they have dayia, for those of you who are looking for it while traveling.

There are a few other places (if you check Happy Cow) but those are my favorites.


  1. Lisa

    Hi 🙂

    Nice to read your update!

    (We finally have Daiya here in Dayton and it’s fabulous!!!)

    If you have a chance, please send some peaceful, loving energy to my friend S.R. Originally from Ohio, he lived in Prescott about 2 years (his wife moved there to attend Prescott College) before being arrested, tried, and imprisoned. He is serving out a ridiculously long sentence of 20 years in Tuscon. I miss him dearly.

    Thank you!

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