Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Vegan in Wichita, Kansas!


When we tell people that we travel full time the first question they ask is if it is hard to stick to our vegan lifestyle on the road. Sadly, there have been some authors/celebrities who have claimed that being vegan on the road is hard – I could not disagree more.

We have been in the most remote parts of the country and have never had a hard time getting a vegan meal or vegan foods. First off, I like to remind people that every grocery store has a Vegan section – it’s called the produce section.

Last week we drove from Boulder, CO to Oklahoma City, OK with a stop over in Wichita Kansas. Granted, most people don’t think Vegan when they think of Wichita, but low and behold we went had fantastic meals at two places in Wichita – and one was ALL vegan!


This is a fabulous vegetarian/mostly vegan  restaurant in Wichita! There are even a few very healthy options on the menu. We had been traveling all day – including getting pulled over by the police and having our car searched for drugs, yep – on a Wichita highway. Apparently our story sounds like we’re trafficking drugs – not kale chips. Needless to say, by time we got to Wichita we were completely exhausted and ready to get something to eat.

We were pleasantly  surprised to find Zen. The waitress was very helpful in suggesting some of favorite vegan menu items. The salad menu has a lot to choose from and I enjoyed the “Emerald and Ivory” with tender tofu.

You can’t go wrong with Zen, you will have tons to choose from and to enjoy. We were only in town for a night, but I can assure you that you would have plenty options for as many times as you wanted to visit.


Who knew we would find one of the BEST vegan restaurants in the country – in Wichita, Kansas? D’Sozo is an all vegan spot open Sunday-Friday (closed Saturday). The menu is fantastic, tons of gluten free, vegan options and all on the healthy side of things. We really enjoyed every thing we tried. We started out with green smoothies (which can be custom made) and we both had crepes. My husband was very excited about the crepes – it was one of his favorite foods before going vegan, and he hasn’t had any since going vegan. We also grabbed a couple of gluten free wraps for the road and a couple of vegan muffins (no sugar!). The menu is really amazing and the chef is a French trained chef that came up with a diverse and whole-foods menu. They also have a well stocked and diverse salad bar.

The staff was so kind and friendly! They were quick to greet us at the door and help us look through the menu. They were also sure to check every ingredient with our food sensitivities. I was genuinely impressed  by D’Sozo, and wish that they could spread their vegan love in more parts of the country.

So, if you happen to be going through Wichita or visiting – or if you happen to be lucky enough to live there, you have some great options!

Stay tuned – this Wednesday I will be posting a full review of 105 degrees in Oklahoma City – complete with photos!


  1. Nolan

    I’ve never been to Kansas…who knew? Sounds delish. We recently returned from the Eastern shore of VA…pretty isolated. Whole wheat bread that is OIL free and SUGAR free was tough, as was trying to find almond milk. But, you are right, produce is where it is at.

  2. Rachel

    I love how you mentioned every grocery store having a vegan section 😉 Sometimes we overlook the obvious!

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