Friday, September 25, 2020

Vegans in San Diego!


My husband and I LOVE San Diego. We were just in San Diego for three months! We stay on Mission Beach, which is our favorite place by far. The boardwalk is awesome, full of life and a really beautiful walk any time of day. There is so much to do in San Diego, especially if you like to be active.

There are also some great spots if you are vegan! Here are a few of our favorite vegan spots!

Loving Hut

A lot of people already know about Loving Hut, but if you don’t, it’s an all vegan restaurant, and there are several locations world wide! You can always count on Loving Hut for having a completely vegan meal for you. The food is really fantastic, and they do a great job in making dishes that you can easily bring your non-vegan friends and family to. The San Diego location is my favorite Loving Hut that we’ve been to so far. The staff is really friendly and helpful. If you are in San Diego be sure to stop there.

Evolution Fast Food

This great find is a great stop for any vegan visiting San Diego! They have a great salad/hot food bar set up and a pretty good menu as well. I really enjoyed my vegan burger and my husband enjoyed his vegan pizza. They also have a great selection of raw foods.

Rancho Natural Foods

It is not all vegan – but ALL of the vegan dishes are fantastic! I had the black beans and steamed veggies and loved it! They also have an organic salad bar with raw vegan dressings. They can get pretty busy, but we were really happy to find this place. We had a vegan meet up there and our entire group mostly got different dishes, and everyone was very pleased.

Ocean Beach People’s Co-Op:

This all vegetarian store is one of my favorite stores to shop! There is a great organic produce section and they carry a lot of healthy vegan products. But the secret? Upstairs in an ALL vegan cafe! There is so much in their cafe, I would say it’s just as (if not better) than going out to eat. There is seating – outdoor and indoor as well. There is a great hot foods bar, a salad bar, a lot of raw selections, build your own sandwiches and even desserts. If it’s your first time shopping they will give you the member discount – just be sure to tell them it’s your first time there. This was a great place to stop to get food for a long days travel as well.

All Vegan

Well it’s not a place to eat (although they do have some snacks). But it is an all vegan shop that has tons of great selections for shoes, clothes and accessories. My husband got an awesome pair of shoes there. The woman who owns it is really helpful as well. Support a GREAT all vegan store when you go to San Diego!

Sipz Fusion

Lots of vegan options especially if you enjoy Asian inspired vegan foods.

Peace Pies

An all vegan pie place? Yep! It’s true!So I don’t eat things with sugar or things that are sweet – but I have heard amazing things about Peace Pies from every one else who does enjoy that kind of thing And I love the name!

Stephanie’s Vegan Bakery

Not only do they have a TON of vegan desserts and pastries they also serve vegan pizza! This small vegan spot in Ocean Beach is a great stop.

Pizza Fusion

Lots of vegan pizza options here! Not all vegan, but the all vegan pizza’s are great!

San Diego also has 2 Whole Foods Markets as well as a few Henry’s Farmers Market and a BUNCH of Trader Joes.

Another tip – it’s generally always cheaper and better to find a great vacation home/condo to stay in while in San Diego. You will save a lot of money, and you will be able to have a kitchen. We love Mission Beach/Pacific Beach and Mission Bay areas.

So get some sun in the beautiful San Diego and enjoy some of the great vegan options!


  1. Elle

    Great list! I live in San Diego and I didn’t know about two of those places (the one in El Cajon-never go there but will now!) Did you get to Jhoyti Bhanga in I think it’s in Normal Heights maybe? Veg and vegan options…my family who is not veg LOVES it too so it’s a bonus! It reminds me of Hare Krishna type feel but I know it’s not that and I wish I knew what religion. Service can be slow, but the fresh soups they make are so amazing!! And, since I don’t cook I usually get soup and mashed potatoes and gravy too! YUMMMMMM!

  2. Cathy

    Oh duh, not in El Cajon…on El Cajon Blvd…totally different places! Still, can’t wait to try it….looks delicious!

  3. Jen

    Oh thanks for the tip ! We haven’t been there but we will definitely check it out when we are back!

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