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Veterinarian Technician Schools and Classes


Becoming a veterinary technician is great if you love animals. The pay is decent, and the working conditions are usually ideal. However, there will be time when you have to deal with dangerous animals, and there will be instances where the work is unpleasant, in terms of dealing with animal death and animal abuse. Regardless of this, people who have a genuine love of animals who enter this field find a great deal of personal satisfaction in their work.

Veterinarian looking at two animals

In order to become a veterinarian technician, you must attend school for two years to obtain an Associate’s Degree. A veterinarian technician is not to be confused with a veterinary technologist, requiring four years of school, resulting in a bachelor’s degree, and offers more pay, with more responsibility. The difference between a technician and a technologist, when it comes to animal care, is similar to the difference between a licensed practical nurse and a registered nurse for human care.

Ironically, the duties that are performed by the technician and the technologist, in a veterinarian’s office, are mostly the same, with the exception that technicians may do more office work, while technologists may do more diagnostic testing. The only other real difference is the job opportunities. Technologists have more potential work venues than veterinary technicians. While hands on training are essential, there are many programs that can be attended online, instead of in a traditional classroom setting.

All states require licensing for technicians and technologists. This test is usually administered by the State Board of Veterinary Examiners, or a similar state agency. The test that is administered is the National Veterinary Technician Exam, or NVT, and the scores can be transferred from state to state, in most cases, without having to recertify if you move.

Aside from licensing, most employers who hire veterinarian technicians and technologists prefer that their employees are certified through the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science, or AALAS. This is especially true if you will be working in a research environment.

Veterinarian Classes Resources

Course Title: Veterinary Assistant
Name of Company: Ashworth College
Location: 430 Technology Parkway, Norcross, Georgia, United States
Description: This is a career course, as opposed to a degree program. All course materials are delivered via mail or online.

Course Title: Veterinary Assistant
Name of Company: Penn Foster Schools
Location: PO Box 1900, Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States
Description: This is a program that takes less than one year to complete, and can be completed at your own pace, in an online environment.

Course Title: Veterinary Technician
Name of Company: Vatterott College
Location: Various States and Cities in the United States, Online
Description: This is a two year program that awards the student with an Associate of Applied Science degree upon completion.

Course Title: Veterinary Tech Training, Veterinary Assistant
Name of Company: Brown Mackie College
Location: Various States and Cities in the United States
Description: This program results in an Associate of Applied Science Degree, and is available online and at a number of campuses located around the United States.

Course Title: Veterinary Assistant
Name of Company: Gatlin Education Services
Location: 109 East 3rd Street, Suite 350, Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Description: This is a nationally recognized program that is available online. No prior experience is required in the field of Veterinarian Care or any other field.

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