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Veterinary Acupuncture


Has Fido recently been injured? Is he aging and experiencing pain? Does he have an illness? If so, you might want to be aware of veterinary acupuncture. You’ve most likely heard of acupuncture for humans, but acupuncture services are also available for animals – regardless of whether they are large or small, domesticated or undomesticated.

dog doing Acupuncture treatment

The Odd History

While the practice of acupuncture comes to us through China, with a history that extends back thousands of years, ironically, the practice of Veterinary Acupuncture did not originate in China. Instead, it originated in the United States, but is now used throughout the world.

It is further interesting to note that acupuncture for animals was being sought more often than it was being sought – or even thought to be acceptable for humans – as an alternative form of healing or therapy back when it was first starting to be used in the United States – in the early 1970s. Today, there is a close race between the amount of use for the practice between humans and animals.

Benefits for Small and Large Animals

This alternative healing practice used for animals is suitable for animals of all sizes. It is often used for allergies, pain, and even problems as severe as paralysis in animals of all sizes. However, the size of the animal has a great deal to do with the benefits that will be received from the treatment.

With that said, however, acupuncture is also used in animals of all sizes to deal with muscular problems, skeletal problems, joint problems, hip dysplasia, ailments of the skin, bowel problems, digestive problems, respiratory problems, problems with the nervous system, and even reproductive issues. It is important to know, however, that this practice is often used jointly with Western Veterinarian Medicine practices as well.

Services Only Available through Veterinarians

In most countries, Veterinary Acupuncture is only done by licensed veterinarians who are trained in the practice. This is because in most countries where it is used, it isn’t legal for those who do not have a veterinarians training or license to do the procedure.

The practice isn’t legal by anyone other than trained and licensed veterinarians because when applied to animals, acupuncture is considered a surgical procedure, although it is not considered to be a surgical procedure for humans. Unfortunately, while acupuncture is an often an inexpensive alternative for humans, it can be rather expensive alternative treatment for animals.

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