Friday, October 23, 2020

Vichy Shower


A Vichy shower is a type of shower that originated in France. During this treatment large amounts of warm water are poured over you as you lay in a shallow wet bed which is similar to a massage table except that it allows for drainage of the water.


A Vichy Shower is like a massage falling from the sky like raindrops.  It detoxifies your body, hydrates your skin and is very relaxing both physically and spiritually.

In some instances the shower heads are designed to pulsate while alternating between hot and cold water.  This creates an incredible therapeutic effect of soothing rain.  It provides a relaxing and calming wet body treatment to make you feel extremely pampered.

This water treatment is a luxurious way to detoxify, hydrate and relax.  The treatment affects the skin and the muscles.  There is a calming effect for major body systems such as the lungs, heart, stomach and the endocrine system brought about by the stimulation of nerve reflexes by the falling water on the spinal column which in turn affect the spinal cord and nerve conduction.

This form of hydrotherapy can help alleviate pain and stress.  You will achieve a feeling of comfort and relaxation during the treatment.  Afterwards you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

It Can Vary From Spa to Spa

There are various forms of these showers offered by different spas.  A variation is that the treatment begins with a full body exfoliation which sloughs away dead skin. After exfoliation your body is saturated with minerals or ingredients of your choice and receives a warm body wrap. Your feet, head and neck are massaged while you relax within your body wrap.  This is then removed and the product is washed away with gentle sea sponges while you are gently massaged by the falling waters.  An application of lotion or dry oil is then applied to your skin.

What defines a Vichy Shower?

The use of the multi-head shower system which hangs over the table is what defines it as a Vichy shower.   These shower heads can be adjusted to provide anywhere from a very gentle rain like massage to a high pressure massage and can even target specific areas of tension. Most of the spas today offer either warm water, cold water or an alternation of the two. The original versions of these shower heads contained 5 shower heads, more recently they are using 7 shower heads.

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