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Water Aerobics Instructor Training


If you love the water, and you love aerobics, you can combine the two and make a career of it. There is a huge demand for water aerobics instructors, for a variety of reasons, and the training and certification is fairly easy to obtain. This all begins with water aerobics instructor training.

First, you do need to have a basic knowledge of aerobics, and then you do need instruction for water aerobics. Ideally, you will have taken water aerobics classes yourself for a while, as a student as well. You will need certification, and the certification must be renewed every two years. Not all training programs offer certification, and not all certification programs offer actual training.

Along with training and certification as a water aerobics instructor, your employer may require you to become certified in CPR and First Aid. Additionally, you may be required to take a water safety course.

Job opportunities are very good for water aerobics instructors. You can work in rehabilitation centers, spas, gyms, senior citizen centers, and a variety of other businesses in this field. You can expect to earn between $12 and $16 per hour, but the work that is offered to you may only be on a part-time basis. It is wise to have certification to instruct other forms of exercise as well, or even to offer swimming lessons to supplement your income.

Job opportunities and salaries may increase as water aerobics become more popular. Science has found that this is one of the safest forms of aerobics, and exercise in general, due to the fact that the water makes the body buoyant. This form of aerobic exercise is easier and beneficial for people who cannot participate in traditional aerobics or other forms of physical fitness. This makes the career outlook for water aerobics instructors very good.

Online Resources To Become a Water Aerobics Instructor

Course Title: Water Aerobics Instructor
Company Name: American Sports & Fitness Association
Location: Online, United States
Description: This is a certification program that does not offer actual training, but does offer the appropriate study materials to learn water aerobics training.
Resources: http://www.americansportandfitness.com/collections/certifications/products/water-aerobics-instructor-certification

Course Title: World Class Water Aerobic Certification
Company Name: Aquatic & Fitness Professional Association
Location: 547 WCR 18, Longmont, Colorado, United States
Description: This is a complete course for aquatic aerobic instructors, which includes certification. This is a core course and certification, which should not be confused with advanced instruction and certification.
Resources: http://www.aquacert.org/certifications.html

Course Title: Water Fitness Instructor Course
Company Name: United States Water Fitness Association
Location: P.O. Box 243279, Boynton Beach, Florida, United States
Description: This organization offers two levels of instruction. The first is basic instruction, which only requires you to be 16 years old, and to take the course. The second is advanced instruction, which requires you to be at least 21, and to have one year of experience teaching water exercises. You must also have 100 hours of experience for the advanced program.
Resources: http://www.uswfa.com/

Course Title: Aqua Fitness Instructor
Company Name: International Fitness Association
Location: 12472 Lake Underhill Road, #341, Orlando, Florida, United States
Description: This organization allows you to quickly and easily take the certification examination for aqua fitness instructor online, and to only pay for the certification upon completion of the examination.
Resources: http://www.ifafitness.com/aquatest.htm

Course Title: Aqua Fitness
Company Name: Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
Location: 15250 Ventura Blvd., Suite 200, Sherman Oaks, California, United States
Description: This is a one day workshop. Throughout the day, you will learn all of the basics of being an aqua fitness instructor, including how to create and lead classes. Continuing Education Credits are awarded, but no certification is offered, as this must be obtained elsewhere.
Resources: http://www.afaa.com/301.afa?PK=1012

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