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Water: Nature’s Natural Elixir of Health & Healing



Water remains the composition of hydrogen and oxygen, in the ratio of two hydrogen to one oxygen molecule. We are all familiar with its short-hand chemical logo of H2O.

It is the essential life source and is key to preventing, healing and helps to filter toxins out the body.

As abundant as rain, we dance in it, play in it and cleanse with it.
Yes, water is everywhere! In the last few decades, Americans’ drinking passions have shifted significantly. Most American’s drink water more than any other beverage. Second only to oxygen, water is a healer. It accounts for 70% of total body weight. Each cell of the body needs water to carry out its functions. The kidneys eliminate a pint of fluid per day to prevent toxin build-up. Water supplies oxygen and nutrients to cells and removes cellular waste through the blood and lymphatic systems.

Water also acts as the body’s air conditioner by expelling internal heat through perspiration.

It may sound unbelievable, but it is true, you might survive for 30 to 45 days without food, without water we would die in 10 days or after a 10% water loss, whichever came first. Amounts in excess of six to eight 16oz. glasses day are needed to fight off colds and other respiratory impairments. Thirst is a signal to your body that you need water. However, in most cases, thirst occurs after your body has already become dehydrated. It is best to keep your body hydrated with water before you become thirsty. Bottled water is the fastest growing beverage in the marketplace. One out of 17 families in the United States purchase bottled water.

Bottled water manufacturers usually remove any harmful organisms by means of ultra-violent light methods or by ozonation (a purification method where Ozone gas (O3) is added to water as a disinfectant to kill dangerous bacteria).

General rule of purchase:

Unlike deep-well water which is pumped up, spring water rises to the surface due to its own pressure. Natural spring water undergoes no processing from the source to the container that we as consumers purchase. When purchasing spring water look for the label to read bottled at the source. When only the words “spring water” are used, the water may have been modified in some way. Keep in mind, the word “spring” is no indication as to purity of content.

Mineral water is water that contains dissolved minerals. Actually, all water other than distilled water fits this definition. The use of the word natural means the minerals were there when the water was removed from the ground. The description “mineral water,” without the word natural means some minerals have been removed or introduced.

Seltzer man-made water, is generally tap water that has been filtered and carbonated. No mineral or sodium salts are added, which distinguishes seltzer from its cousin, club soda.

Sparkling water is man-made water that contains natural or added C02 in the same amount the water had from its source.

Artesian water is water collected from a drilled well into an aquifer (body of saturated rock through which water can easily move). This water is confined by a layer of clay or rock, which pressurizes the water enough to allow it to rise up through the ground without mechanical pumps.

We love the taste and did you know?

San Pellegrino deep springs inside Milan, made famous as the drink of choice for Leonardo Da Vinci.

Calistoga Mineral Water Napa Valley region, protected geysers, next to Calistoga Spa Hot Spring.

Fiji Water judged purest water on earth, located Viti Levu, Fiji’s main island.

SmartWater vapor-distilled removing all impurities and hydrating with
every sip.

Water is nature’s elixir and the ultimate beverage, so drink up!


  1. Yi Ling

    Smoking is one of the hardest habits to break, and no one can deny it is very harmful to the body. Although people are fully aware of the fact, the withdrawal symptoms often keep them from quitting; the crucial ingredient is, no doubt, nicotine. Because the body of smoker is already indulged in, or more adequately to say, seasoned with nicotine, when its level in the blood suddenly drops in-between the ‘trial’ period of quitting, the reflexive actions occur more violently.

    However, in view of physiology, it is said that the three days of quitting can dissolve nicotine accumulated in the body, and then it gets completely evacuated. It is not rare to see many smokers endure the hardest desire for several days and reluctantly surrender to the worst enemy of their body.

    It may seem to be silly to ask, but what should the smokers do to quit? For the first 3 days, drink 1 to 2 liters of pure spring water and 0.3 liter of celery juice two times(between 10 to 4 o’clock) a day so that the nicotine gets evacuated from the body.

    Organic natrium in celery may evacuate CO as well as nicotine in the body. More than that, celery juice is very helpful in protecting and curing several respiratory illnesses common for smokers, treating the neuritis, arteriosclerosis, and especially, the circulatory disorder of coronary arteries.

    Smokers commonly misunderstand that cookies or candies may help them quit smoking; they rather increase the puffing desire by producing some material like CO and CO.

    Therefore, fruits, vegetables and pure water are required to take to expel the habit. Among the fruits, peach is known to be the best for purifying the body.

  2. wei

    Water is so magnificent, this is what it does for our body:

    First taken from mouth, water passes through the stomach and gets absorbed in the intestines. Then it does detoxication and imbibed again in the liver that supplies the whole body with nutritious material. In the liver, water gets mixed with other nutritious material as blood and deliver it to the cells in the body via arteries and capillary vessels. Finally, the foreign bodies and toxic material get to go to the kidneys.

    The kidneys control the amount of urine detecting that of the whole body. Therefore, when dehydrated, the kidneys lower the quantity of urine making its density high. Water does many life-crucial roles in the body like evacuation, circulation and control of body temperature.

    There are numerous theories coming out on the usefulness of water: a stimulant, a sedative, tonic medicine, an antipyretic, a diaphoretic, a diuretic, a soporific drug.

    For example, for those who are suffering from gastroenteropathy, drinking three bowls of water a day is effective. Those suffering from gastric hyperacidity or gastric ulcer often feel the pain on an empty stomach; then a cup of water is helpful because the chemical type of water is neutral or weak acid. However, too much water is rather burdensome to the stomach in that it may evoke digestive disorder.

    The urination of smoker is not relatively normal comparing with non-smokers. Nicotine in cigarette may activate the antidiuretic hormone(ADH) thereby making the amount of urine small. Therefore, the more one smoke, the more he or she needs to drink water.

    The dilution effect of water may deter the absorption of nicotine and lessen the level of toxicity. More than that, tar and dust in the bronchi and or lung get easily and actively evacuated by water.

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