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Ways to Prevent Pregnancy


If you aren’t ready to have a baby, but you do want to have sex, you need some form of birth control, whether pills or other contraceptive method. There are numerous options for birth control available today, and you need to seriously consider all of the ways of prevention before making your final decision.

Oral Medications

The oldest and most common way for preventing an unwanted pregnancy – aside from not having sex at all – is the birth control pill, commonly referred to as ‘the pill.’ While many women still rely on the pill, most find it to be more of a bother than anything else, since you have to remember to take the pill every day. Many women today are opting for the birth control injection. The injection is taken once every three months.

Vaginal Methods

There are three options to vaginally prevent possibility of pregnancy. The first is the use of a diaphragm. The diaphragm is before having sexual intercourse. Another option is the use of a sponge with a spermacide product, which is also inserted before sexual intercourse, and removed after intercourse. The third option is to have an IUD implanted. An IUD is an Intrauterine Device, which is implanted in the uterus.

Other Pregnancy Prevention Methods

One way to prevent pregnancy is with sterilization. For women, this means having a tubal ligation. For men, this means having a vasectomy. Before you resort to this, make sure that you do not want children at all, or that you do not want any additional children. Although there can be success with reversal procedures, reversal is not guaranteed for all people.

Another option is to use condoms for all sexual activity. Condoms are often the preferred form of birth control because it is the only form of birth control that also offers protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

Not all birth control methods are suitable for all women. Some are just down right inconvenient, while others simply do not work well for some women. Before making a final decision regarding the birth control method that you will use, talk to your gynecologist and your sexual partner first to determine which method of birth control will fit your life, your health, and your sex life, the best.

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