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Weight Loss Programs for Men


Typically, when you start looking for weight loss information, the majority of the information that you will find is directed towards women. This is because women are more likely than men to have weight problems. Fortunately, there are weight loss programs designed specifically for men, as well.

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Popular Diet Programs for Men

All of the most well known and popular diet programs have a plan designed specifically for men as well. This includes Jenny Craig, NutriSystem, Weight Watchers, and several others.

The designers of these programs understand that the caloric needs of men are not the same as the needs of women, and they also understand that the exercise that is required for men is different than that required of women.

Male or Female – Calories Count

Regardless of being a man, the concept of weight loss works the same for men as it does for women. You must consume fewer calories than you burn to lose weight.

At the same time, you must eat and drink water. You simply cannot lose weight in a healthy manner, and keep it off, if you do not eat adequately. Men tend to burn calories faster than women, because of their muscle mass. For this reason, men need more calories than women do. Make sure that you know how many calories you need, and that you are getting that number of calories each day.

What Causes that Beer Belly?

While women are more likely to struggle with excess weight, men are more likely to struggle with a beer belly. What causes a beer belly? In many cases, it is actually beer that causes this. However, if you don’t drink any beer at all, you may still develop a beer belly. Stress causes people – male and females – to retain weight around the middle, creating a beer belly even when the rest of their bodies are in great shape.

Are There Any Products for Belly Fat?

There are literally thousands of products out there that claim that they will help you to reduce or get rid of belly fat. The sad fact is, however, that they do not really work. There is no magic product out there that will combat body fat. Instead, you have to rely on a healthy diet and the right exercises for this problem.

If you don’t believe this, go ahead and spend the money on the products that are out there and give them a try. The only fat that you are likely to trim, however, is the fat in your pocket book. You are better off putting your money into a healthy diet and a membership to your local gym.

What about Exercise?

You need to be exercising at least thirty minutes a day – everyday. Ideally, you should alternate aerobic activity with exercises that focus on the abdominal region and the lower abdominals in particular. This may include crunches, but you must take care not to injure your back.

Scientifically, it has been proven that high intensity interval training, also known as HIIT, is the best type of exercise to do to combat belly fat. Those who participate in this type of training lose 50% more belly fat than those who do traditional exercises. Talk to the trainer at your local gym for an HIIT routine that you could easily learn and follow.

What Foods Should You Eat or Avoid?

Avoid alcohol and junk food. Drink lots of water. Also eat foods that are high in fiber. Whole grains are the best foods that you can eat.

Aside from exercising and eating the right foods, there are two other things that you can do to naturally reduce your belly fat. Get plenty of sleep and avoid stress. Stress is a leading factor that causes us to retain fat in the area of the belly, and this has been proven. The less stress you have, the less belly fat you will have. Lack of sleep leads to greater stress, and this is why it is so important to get plenty of rest. Additionally, a lack of sleep tends to make us eat more, and to eat more unhealthy foods, than we do if we get the proper amount of sleep.

Bottom Line

Eat a healthy diet, keeping within your caloric limits, workout regularly, and reduce stress, and as a man, you most likely won’t have any weight issues to deal with at all. Unfortunately, studies have shown that men who do struggle with their weight often lose the weight, but gain it back simply because they will not stick to lifestyle changes that are necessary for maintaining a healthy weight. If you can make yourself very aware of this, your chances of success will be much better. Learn to cook, and learn to eat healthy – as this is where most men will fail.

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