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5 Weight Loss Results to Inspire You


If you need motivation, it is always a good idea to check out some case studies. Not only should you check out case studies to inspire you, but you should also check out case studies that concern the effect of weight loss on other medical problems as well.

5 Real Weight Loss Cases Studies to Inspire You 5 Weight Loss Companies to Inspire You

How Can Results Inspire You

Seeing results gets more results. This is true whether you are watching the progress of someone else, or your own progress. Progress offers the motivation to make more progress.

This is why many weight loss programs make sure that they conduct case studies, and make those studies public. They want you to see that their program works, and that it is possible to lose the weight that you want to lose, without starving yourself.

The 5 Most Prominent Weight Loss Case Studies

  1. University of Kansas School of Medicine – This study focused on one person who was not only overweight, but also had been diagnosed with hypertension and diabetes. At the end of the 16 week study, the person no longer needed medication for hypertension, his blood sugar was under control, he had lost a significant amount of weight, and he had saved almost a thousand dollars in prescription medications.
  2. Benjamin Moss Hypnotherapy Center – This Hypnotherapy Center has done case studies on numerous clients who used hypnotherapy for weight loss and exercise motivation, with very positive results. Clients reported a loss of cravings, motivation and drive to exercise, and more benefits.
  3. Weight Watchers – Even if you don’t follow the Weight Watchers diet plan, and you go with a different plan or exercise regimen, their case studies have proven that there is a social element to maintaining weight loss. Make sure that you get support from a diet and exercise buddy.
  4. Nutrisystem – Nutrisystem has done countless in-house studies using the people who participate in their program as subjects. Nutrisystem has gained a lot of popularity through the use of case studies done on celebrities.
  5. Jenny Craig – Like Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig has also gained popularity by tracking the weight loss of famous people, and have even shown famous people mentoring non-famous people through the program as well.

Case Studies against Diets

While there is no case study that could ever state that losing weight is bad for you – if you were overweight to begin with, there has been a case study done that proves that dieting does not work. This particular study was conducted by the University of California, and the results of more than thirty other studies were used in the analysis. What the study ultimately found is that permanent lifestyle changes in diet work, while short term diets do not.


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