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Weight Loss Retreats

Bali Weight Loss Retreat

If you’ve been trying to lose weight but can’t get the results you want, you’ve hit a plateau or your weight is yo-yoing back and forth… then we are here to help you.

We are here to help you lose weight, while breaking free of unhealthy habits, dieting cycle deprivation, restriction and frustration.

Instead showing you how to heal your mind and body from the inside-out, end emotional eating, abandon anxiety, negative thinking patterns and habits that no longer serve you…

Truly allowing your body to heal, detox, and lose weight fast and naturally.

Everyday enjoy delicious detox food with healing properties, cleanses for flushing your vital organs and detoxifying, exercise and health classes, as well as relaxing massages or spa treatments every-other-day, and so much more!

Our sanctuary is set in the healing hills of Ubud, at a 4-star Detox-Spa resort where you will be in the best environment to let go of the past and make a fresh, healthy start.

“We’ve been busy helping so many people lose weight* and transform their lives, why not see how our approach works for you?”

Here’s a look at what we’re offering you:

  • Get READY for real weight loss results, Detox, get fitter, healthier and kick-start your new healthy life…
  • Experience how the Weight Loss Cleanse Co vital flushes work for you—cleansing and clearing— naturally restoring, rebuilding and revitalising your elimination organs.
  • Snap out of stress and put an end to negative self-talk, depression and limiting beliefs.
  • Exercise for Accelerated Fat-Loss. We are not a bootcamp, we run holistic healing holidays, yet you’ll see how much faster you are losing weight with the gentle exercises and activities included in the program.
  • Heal your gut with pro-biotic goodness balance friendly bacteria, improve digestion and increase your body’s natural ability to eliminate waste.
  • End emotional eating and other unhealthy habits that sabotage your success with our ‘Stop Emotional Eating for Good’ program.
  • Plant-based Intestinal cleanses, Gallbladder cleanses, Kidney cleanses, Liver cleanses, Immune boosters and more!
  • Relax, de-stress and rejuvenate with Balinese massage, facial masks, body wraps or spa treatment of your choice.
  • Master sleep and learn how to reset your body clock, when to eat, when to fast, and how this all fits together in what’s known as your Circadian Rhythm
  • Surprising healing herbs & simple spices for health and weight loss like clove, oregano, thyme, cinnamon, and cumin. Everything from reducing parasites and bacteria, curbing carbohydrate cravings, all the way to improving brain fuction, decreasing inflammation and possibly even avoiding the onset of preventable disease.
  • Feast on exquisite Raw foods & drink Detox Juices that heal your body and help you lose weight faster while cleansing your internal organs and purifying your blood.
  • Everything is included when you book a holistic healing holiday with us. From your airport pickup through your Weight Loss Journey and all the amazing things you will experience to when we drop you at the airport, we are here to make this mind-blowing for you!
  • And there’s more from the group evening outings, to the healing trips, cultural experiences, water blessings and simply an incredible experience you will always remember!

We have it all here waiting for you… look good, feel good, detox your body, release your mind. Take the time out you deserve to kick-start your new healthy lifestyle and reinvent your life!

Contact Us: [email protected]

Whether you have just some weight to lose, or a lot, we have the complete package for you to detox, lose weight and re-start your life.

So go ahead and contact us right now and we will reply to you with the full details, including special rates, within 24hrs. And often far faster.

Weight Loss Cleanse Co.


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