Friday, November 27, 2020

Nourish and Refresh – Fashion a body you love


“Know thyself”- a short phrase; massive significance…

To live a life of your dreams, to transform mere existence to a vibrant and dynamic life, it is first necessary to comprehend what makes you, you! Once that all important task is accomplished, the next step is to plug the gaps that make your life less lively and give it a much needed pep because ultimately you do owe it to you to give yourself the best! The best step forward in this journey is to nourish and enliven your body to enhance your health and well being.

A woman goes through an array of challenging phases in life that brings in numerous changes to her body and mind. Understanding and respecting your body while giving it the best possible treatment by way of healthy diet, workouts and a good night’s sleep will help you tackle the great many challenges that life throws at you.

Healthy and nourishing diet serves to enhance your mood, sustain or augment your energy levels while giving you the luxury of a great looking body and a poised mind. Whatever your age, it is never “not possible” to feel great. An ideal diet will certainly help you take pleasure in life’s every activity.
Know what your body needs

Regardless of age, every woman needs a blend of nutrients, fats and proteins to sustain energy and improve strength. Your diet should encompass a range of fresh fruits and vegetables, grains and sources of carbohydrates, iron, calcium and protein to supplement losses that occur due to hormonal changes, age and lifestyle changes.

The Do’s:

Looking and feeling great are two different aspects but can be attained at once by ensuring that your body is vitalized with necessary nutrients at all times.

  • Improve bone strength: Osteoporosis, though not specific to women, is more prevalent and damaging due to extreme hormonal changes with age. It is therefore vital to build up enough bone strength through age to combat the problems that arise due to loss in bone mass at later stages. It is also crucial to understand the need to supplement calcium naturally. Greens, Diary products, Oats, tofu etc., are great sources of calcium. Though there are calcium supplement tablets available, going the natural way prevents excess calcium absorption that might lead to heart and kidney diseases. Increasing magnesium and Vit-D intake is also crucial to prevent loss of bone mass. Do not fret; just give your body a good dose of sunlight.
  • Increase Iron intake: Women lose iron and are prone to anemia more than men due to menstruation. Make sure your diet includes spinach, beans, lentils, almonds, dark poultry, broccoli, tomatoes and iron fortified cereals.
  • Include good fat and carbohydrates: Carbs should not always be associated with weight gain. Good carbs like whole wheat, brown rice, beans, legumes, millets, fresh fruits and veggies have the tendency to make you feel full, give you enough energy and maintain weight. Similarly good fat, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated, is necessary to enhance energy levels and improve mental condition together with aiding in the assimilation of essential vitamins and minerals.

The Don’ts:

Certain age old beliefs and misconceptions drive women to following unreasonable diets that deprive their body of vital nutrients. Imbalanced lifestyle too contributes to this deprivation.

  • Avoiding meals and consuming junk: Blame the lack of time or availability of comfort foods, many women resort to avoiding the all important breakfast and possibly other meals while munching on junk food through the day. While breakfast is the most important meal of the day, eating food regularly will help vitalize the body and also prevent bingeing.
  • Taking excess protein: Too much of anything is harmful to health and protein is no different. While it is essential for the normal functioning of the body, intake of too much protein will minimize calcium assimilation which in turn results in significant loss of bone mass.
  • Alcohol and Beverages: Over indulging in alcohol or beverages like coffee and tea is detrimental to a woman’s health. Too much of these liquids cause intense hormonal imbalances that result in a variety of disorders.
  • Eating healthy is only a part of the “living healthy” contest. A blend of workouts, food and lifestyle changes complete the challenge. It is never too late to fashion the life you desire as long as you dare to begin now!


  1. Krista Ward

    I really want to transform my body. Overweight since day 1. Really not liking it anymore. Want to lose the weight and start life again.

  2. Sara

    So many young women fall prey to starving and skipping meals in an effort to feel better on the outside, all while destroying their insides and feeling worse in time. I don’t understand beauty anymore. They say skinny, ribs showing, thigh gaps, small waists,leg, arms, ect are beauty but you never hear a man say that! They like curves ans giggly parts! Being perfectly thin is what the model and clothing industry find beautiful and most are ran by gay men. What do gay men like? Skinny, toned, breast-less, shapeless men!

  3. meme

    I started working out because I was overweight but I never realized I would come to need it for my peace of mind.
    Once I missed a week through illness and realized how much more tense and stressed I was. I now love the gym and classes.

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