Sunday, October 25, 2020

Weight Management Intro


One of the healthiest things we can do for ourselves is weight management.  Whether it is the need to gain or lose a few pounds or simply maintain the body weight we have.  It is a permanent lifestyle in which change can affect gain, loss or maintenance.  A lucky few of us are naturally blessed and do not have to think about managing our weight while others have to work on it.

Weight Management for Weight Loss

The path for weight management for weight loss begins with knowing what the ideal weight for your body height and build is.   You can use a BMI or Body Mass Index Calculator to do this.  Once you have this information you are then ready develop your own plan to reach that goal. Then review the many options available today for weight loss.  There are many different diet plans available, nutrition and diet counselors, a multitude of over the counter and prescription medications, educational programs, exercise programs for all levels of fitness (including over 50) and bariatric surgeries. Only you can decide which plan is right for you.

Weight Management for Weight Gain

There are those who struggle to put on weight.  This form of weight management can be achieved through basically the same principles used for losing or maintaining weight; proper dietary intake, proper exercise and motivation.  Protein is essential to add extra weight and should be increased in the diet for those intending to put on weight or add mass to their bodies.  To only increase your caloric intake will not add weight or mass, you have to do some type of physical activity to cause those calories and proteins to convert into body mass. As with weight loss you must be motivated to make the lifestyle change necessary to follow through daily with your decisions for healthy diet and exercise.   You need to accept that weight gain is a long term endeavor and that it is not just a short term answer to put on weight and forget about it, it must be maintained as well.

Weight Management for Maintenance

Maintaining your body weight can be done by maintaining consistent healthy eating patterns along with a steady level of activity.   Eating breakfast each day is also attributed to maintaining your weight.  Balancing caloric and fat intake with adequate amounts of daily exercise helps insure that you take in and use up equal amounts of calories and that your body does not store fat.  Unequal amounts of either can cause your weight to either increase or decrease.

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