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Does Western Society Cause Social Anxiety? 4 Reasons Why


There are certain attitudes in the Western world that are actually encouraging the development of social anxiety disorder (SAD). While America, England, Australia and Canada may seem like ideal places to live, there are many reasons why they are also the epicentre the social phobia and anxiety.

Reason 1.

Dominance is seen as a good trait.
People are expressing dominance
through bullying.
Bullying causes social anxiety

The media emphasise their favoured stereotypes, which leads to the general public pursuing those stereotypes. One major stereotype that is conveyed as desirable, is dominance…

If you’re seen as a domineering character, then you’ll tend to adopt a high status in the eyes of others. This, in itself, is OK; many people who exude dominance do so without causing harm.

The issue is that some people who want to be dominant try to dominate by bringing others down to their level(bullying).

Bullying will tend to make a sensitive person feel emotionally hurt. This emotional harm can lead to a person’s subconscious mind learning that “your peers are a threat to you”. This trains the subconscious mind to react with a defensive, anxious approach, when peers are nearby.

If the bullied person then avoids peers, the subconscious’s view that peers are a threat grows stronger with each act of avoidance. 

All of a sudden, this person suffers from social anxiety disorder, and initial trigger for it is bullying, which in turn is caused by society’s view that dominance makes you high status.

Reason 2.

Competitiveness and
drive to achieve are
the ‘correct’ approaches…

We live on a planet where we are taught to try to outdo our peers, and achieve as much as we can. Our ‘success’ in life depends on it, apparently! 

This is indirectly a cause because it promotes comparing ourselves to others – which often ends in disappointment.

That disappointment leads to self criticism, which causes feelings of inadequacy. 

When you feel inadequate compared to others, there’s a higher chance that you’ll feel uncomfortable around them, and then avoid them when you can.

If you’ve always felt that others are better than you, recognise that you’re not to blame. Society has brainwashed you into competing for that promotion, or striving for the best exam grades. 

Reason 3.

Sensitivity is seen as a weakness

In the tough, macho western world, to show compassion or sensitivity makes you weak in the eyes of many. Especially for guys, if we’re not physically big and strong, or not overtly masculine, people will tend to see weakness in us.

It’s my passion to help people move forward with their lives, and I think that many people would see my passion for self-help as a weakness. It’s not, it’s a greater strength than any amount of muscle ever could be.

Many people’s best personality characteristics are sensitivity/caring qualities. Because of society’s obsession with toughness, such qualities are overlooked. This type of person will not receive the validation or credit they deserve.

Through sheer lack of appreciation, and often ridicule, such a person can feel like a social outcast, which can drive them into behaviours that lead to social anxiety. So, having a personality type that society overlooks can be another factor or cause.

Reason 4.

Technology advancement means we
see each other less often

Whilst ever advancing technology is good for the world, it cannot be denied that better technology is allowing us to communicate more and more when we’re not face to face. This isn’t a cause of the disorder as such, but it hardly helps.

(Pic)The less chances people with SA are getting, to communicate face to face, the smaller the chance their subconscious mind is getting to see the truth; that social situations are not threatening. 

Technology is amazing, but there are social drawbacks, especially for sufferers of SAD. Technology makes it easier to hide from the real social world, and thus it is a part of the etiology of social phobia.

Even Though Other People Are The
Initial “Trigger-Cause” of Social Anxiety,
YOU Can Still Overcome It.

The painful social experiences that kick-started your anxiety were unavoidable – there’s nothing you could have done back then. But there is something you can do now.

Overcoming a social anxiety disorder is very possible. 

I’ve done it myself and under the right guidance, with the right plan, you can beat it too.

Emily Murdoch
Hi I write about health and fitness for women! You may contact me at [email protected]

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