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What is Feng Shui?


Feng Shui is an ancient art that comes to us from China. Feng Shui uses the laws of heaven and earth in the placement of various objects in your space, and includes the use of color and sound. The overall objective of the practice is to increase or improve the flow of qi, or the life force energy.

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The Feng Shui Bagua and the Healing Gua

The Bagua is essentially a chart or wheel that assigns color codes to the various areas of ones life. These areas include wisdom and knowledge, family and relationships, wealth and opportunity, fame and reputation, marriage, children and creativity, travel, and career and life path. The ninth section of the Bagua is actually in the center of the chart, and it is for health and wellness. Some experts don’t refer to this section as an actual Gua of the Bagua however.

Additionally, each of the Bagua’s represents a space in your home, in relation to where the Bagua is on the chart or wheel. What this means in terms of healing is that the center of the home is connected to the families health and well being.

Color Choices for Feng Shui Healing

The health and wellness color is officially yellow. Yellow should be used extensively in the center of your home, but you can also use browns and oranges as well. You should also fill this space with earth elements, but you can use fire elements as well.

Naturally, just having these color choices and elements is not enough, they must also be placed correctly in the space, so that you get the most benefit from them, and so that they truly contribute to the flow of qi.

Feng Shui Professionals

Understanding the color choices and element choices is rather easy. Placing the items, however, takes a bit more knowledge concerning Feng Shui and how it works. For this reason, you will fare better if you consult a professional. Many people are actually certified in the art of Feng Shui, and those professionals will come to your home to help you set it up properly for the areas of your life that need an improvement of qi.

Professionals such as this can easily be found on the Internet, and possibly in your local telephone book. The rates that they charge will typically depend on the area that you live in and the competition for this service in that area.

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