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What to Do About Breast Pain


Do your breasts hurt? Is this pain a monthly thing, or is it something that is unusual? There are two things you need to do, in either case. Determine the cause of the pain, and do something about the breast pain so that you can get some relief.

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Find the Cause of Breast Pain

Breast pain can occur for a variety of reasons. The most common cause of breast pain is hormonal changes, such as those that occur before and during menstruation or during pregnancy. Another common cause of breast pain is breast development – when the breasts are growing.

Breast pain may occur due to an ill fitting bra, or a bra that is too tight, to exercise, due to breast feeding, or even due to cysts that may develop. In most cases, if you can figure out what is causing your breast pain, you will have more success in finding a way to reduce or stop that pain.

Traditional Ways to Stop Breast Pain

The two best ways to stop breast pain is with the use of heat or ice – or by alternating the two. You should try applying heat for twenty minutes, and then ice for twenty minutes. If one helps more than the other, stick with that option, but only apply the heat or ice for twenty minutes, and then remove it for twenty minutes before applying it again.

You can also try to stop breast pain with the use of ibuprofen or over the counter pain relievers. In some cases, not wearing a bra for a day or two will take care of the problem, but in some cases, depending on the weight of the breasts, this may actually cause additional breast pain.

When to See a Doctor

If your breast pain does not subside within a day or two, you should probably see a doctor. Also see a doctor if there are lumps, unexplained bruising or intense swelling. You should also see a doctor if the pain is intense. This will, in most cases, require a breast examination at your doctor’s office in order to determine what the problem may be, and testing, such as a mammogram, may be required as well.

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